Former Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez has yet to strike out when it comes to choosing the perfect Christmas gift for his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez.

When gifting the woman who has everything, the former professional baseball player prefers highlighting memorable moments as opposed to purchasing pricey presents.

“It has to be something creative,” Rodriguez — who is partnering with Old Navy this holiday season said. 

“For Jennifer, something that’s handwritten, maybe a photo,” he says. “I don’t want to give any secrets away for this holiday, but it’s something that is heartfelt, something that resembles a memory that we’ve had together that involves our children, that involves our home because, ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.”

Although Rodriguez is a star businessman, he prefers to pass Lopez the ball when it comes to cooking up the holiday dishes.

“Jennifer is the expert cook, but she got it from Lupe, her mom,” he says. “She’s an incredible talent — she dances, she sings and she’s a great cook.”

“I’m the beneficiary of some good cooking in the kitchen,” he adds. “They don’t allow me anywhere near the kitchen. What they do though is they send me on a lot of errands!”

A-Rod is going to have a fantastic Christmas. 

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