Hundreds of teams will be dreaming of lucrative matches against the Premier League giants when the FA Cup kicks off the 2022/23 season, kicking off a competition that will last almost 10 months.

When will the 2022/23 FA Cup games take place?

The FA Cup will officially kick off the same weekend as the Premier League. There are already sports betting Vulkan on the event. At the beginning of August, the non-league teams played against each other in the earliest preliminary round.

Until the first round in early November, when teams from England’s two lowest leagues – League 1 and League 2 – enter the tournament, six qualifying rounds must be played.

There are almost always memorable upsets at this stage of the competition, although the biggest defeats for the giants come in early January. Twenty Premier League teams and 24 clubs from the second tier, the Championship, begin their campaigns at this time.

Dates and match schedules for each round

  • Supplementary preliminary round – 6 August 
  • Preliminary round – 20 August 
  • First round of qualification – 3 September 
  • Second round of qualification – 17 September 
  • Third qualifying round -1 October
  • Fourth Qualifying Round – 15 October
  • First round 5 November
  • Second round 26 November
  • Round dates 2023
  • Third round 7 January
  • Fourth round 28 January
  • Fifth round – 1 March
  • Quarterfinals – 18 March
  • Semi-final – 22 April 
  • Final – 3  June 

When is the FA Cup Final?

The date of the finals, 3 June, is traditionally a showcase for the end of the regular domestic season in England. Even if the finalists have already beaten Wembley in the semi-finals by this point, the meeting at the national stadium remains a landmark day in the sporting calendar.

Wembley is arguably the most prestigious venue where most fans can hope to see their teams play. Especially for fans unfamiliar with their clubs making it to the final.

Hosting the FA Cup at three o’clock on a Saturday in May has long been regarded as sacrosanct. More recently, however, kick-offs have been held at a later time. In 2022/23 the final will start at 4.45 because of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Will the 2022 World Cup have any impact on the FA Cup Final?

The 2022/23 season in Europe will have an unprecedented timetable, as leagues around the world will negotiate breaks caused by the World Cup football betting Vulkan in November and December.

The Premier League season will get an early start to the season to take account of the break in games during the World Cup, while the FA Cup final will be played for the first time in June.

The changes, brought about by hosting the first ever World Cup in the winter, have angered many fans and sports managers. 

While the English teams reached the UEFA Champions League final on 10 June, their players, who are also taking part in the World Cup, will play for over 10 months without a significant break.