Inflatable paddle boards are great for surfing as they make it an effortless and fun experience for you. Many brands are offering insatiable paddles, and Jtsup is among the best. Jtsup offers quality paddle boards with unique designs made from the top military-grade materials, which are very reliable and pocket friendly. Their inflatable paddle boards are great for surfing; you can even use them for yoga, fishing, kayaking, and more.

Where to purchase inflatable paddle boards

Jtsup inflatable paddle boards are available on their online website. You get 99 dollars off with your first purchase, plus they offer free shipping. You can even pay in installments of twelve months which is efficient. They have a thirty-day return policy and offer consultation the entire day.

JTSUP inflatable paddle boards

For all ages (Beginner friendly)

JTSUP 10’6 by 32 by 6

Price: 399 dollars

 This board doesn’t slip, and it is both comprehensive and light. The inflatable paddle is sturdy and reliable for sustaining one or two people because it is made of dense PVC, and its exterior has a drop stitch. The vast EVA buffered deck’s formation additionally improves pressure and coziness. It is ideal for beginners because it has a D-ring and an ankle leash for stability on the ends. Its triple fin found at the bottom enhances maneuverability. It works great for teenagers, children, and adults.

JTSUP 10’6 by 32 by 6

Price: 299 dollars

A value floating alloy paddle, top-quality bag, pump, and safety leash are included with this paddle. This Jtsup paddle board consists of fabric (lightweight) that provides sturdiness. This inflatable paddle’s deck prevents slipping, making standing on the board simple.

JTSUP 10’6 by 30 by 6(adult SUP)

Price: 299 dollars

It has long-lasting, rigorous, and blow-up solid sup boards formed from thin fabric. It has an anti-slip gentle pad deck that increases standing stableness. The JTSUP adult SUP is a fantastic choice for long-distance surfing in salt and fresh water; it has a leash, a carry bag for the control, a paddle, and a pump.

JTSUP 10’6 by 30 by 6

Price: 289 dollars

It is an attractive inflatable, available in a blue hue. To create a stiffer, strong, and rigid board that lasts a long time, the board has military-grade material with a light fabric covering. You will feel safe and have stability when standing, thanks to the EVA deck’s soft texture, and it is slip free.

JTSUP sup 10’6 by 30 by 6

 Price: 289 dollars

The board is more robust and durable thanks to the lightweight military-grade material used to make the paddle. It has retractable central fin and side fins for added firmness. The double deck pad is slip-free, and it has a D-ring leash clip and a tie-down bungee for safety which are efficient features. When you buy this paddle, which is all-around, you can get the SUP accessories you require, like a pump.

JTSUP inflatable paddle board 10’6 by 30 by 6

Price: 329 dollars

The board is extensive and lightweight and has a design that does not slip for stand-up paddling. A paddle, a board, a pump, a high-end bag, and a safety leash with an ankle cuff(coiled) are included. It has fixed bungee tie-downs, an air valve, a handle grip for coziness, a side fin for added stability, and a detachable central fin. This JTSUP paddle has a long lifespan and is UV-resistant.

Youth inflatable paddles

JTSUP inflatable paddleboard 10’6 by 32 by 6

Price: 329 dollars

This JTSUP inflatable paddle’s light has PVC construction giving it resistance and longevity. It has a D-ring clip, an air valve, a comfy handle grip, and a bungee tie-down structure. The dual, slip-free deck keeps you stable when you stand up. It includes necessities like a pump, backpack, repair kit, safety leash, attachable aluminum paddle, and conspicuous detachable fins.

JTSUP stand-up paddle 10’6 by 32 by 6

Price:329 dollars

The JTSUP inflatable paddle is made of robust, ultra-light PVC that is military-grade, making it stable and lengthy. It has a bungee tie-down structure, an air valve, a handle grip for relaxation, and a D-ring clip. The slip-free deck pad keeps you steady when you stand up and has a dual layout. You receive extras like a repair kit, hand pump, backpack, safety leash, an aluminum paddle(adjustable), and detachable ventral fins.

JTSUP adult and youth SUP 10’6 by 32 by 6

Price: 299 dollars

This board measures approximately thirteen kilograms is made of the best, and has a slip-free surface to help you stand steadily. It has incredibly light fabric that provides a solidly built, reliable SUP board. SUP kayaking on long distances is pleasant on this inflatable paddle board. This paddle works well in both salt and fresh water.

JTSUP 10’6 by 32 by 6 (youth and adults)

Price: 299 dollars

It has a slip-free deck pad it has a thin fabric that adds to the stiffness and durability of the SUP board. When standing, the EVA slip-free deck pad offers security and firmness. This Jtsup paddle is high pressure and is resistant to ultraviolet rays. The paddle comes with a hand pump that deflates and inflates fast; plus, a paddle you can adjust.


Jtsup paddle boards are great for surfing as they have a slip-free board that gives you firmness when standing. The inflatable paddle boards are also lightweight and very portable. You can get their boards on their website and take advantage of their amazing deals and also there 24 hours consultation. With Jstup, you are assured of high-quality and reliable products.