White Sox pitcher Jace Fry made the his first career MLB start on Wednesday.  His fiancee (probably ex-fiancee now) Kelsi Blalock took the opportunity to trash him for cheating on her.

Kelsi also made some accusations about STDs through several updated captions on a few Instagram posts.  It looks like Jace crossed the wrong one.

Via NY Post:

As the White Sox pitcher made his first career start Wednesday, fiancée Kelsi Blalock shredded Fry on social media, accusing him of cheating.

“Happy first MLB start to his @Jacefry @NWSMG @whitesox (screen shot while they last),” Blalock tweeted, along with a series of Instagram snaps with updated and scathing captions.

In one shot taken at Regions Field in Alabama, where Fry, 25, pitched for the Birmingham Barons last year, Blalock penned, “26th birthday at the ballpark: wasting another year of my life on a sociopath.”


It’s safe to say that these two won’t be walking down the aisle anytime soon.  We can’t say they never will, because we’ve seen stranger things happen, but Kelsi seems to be prepared to move on.