White Sox outfielder Trayce Thompson hit a walk off homerun on Thursday night against the Twins.  But it was the celebration by one of his teammates that had us take notice.

All walk offs, even in game 20 something of 162, are celebrated like a game winning homerun in the World Series.  

The win was just the 9th of the season for the terrible White Sox.  So of course there is cause for a massive celebration.

Here’s Thompson’s walk off.

And here’s a closer look at Thompson’s teammate Yolmer Sanchez’s celebration.

What a move by Sanchez.  He had absolutely nothing to do with the game winning homerun, but went home with a Gatorade shower as if he were the one to hit it.

This might have just changed the celebration game.  Dugouts will soon be filling up with Gatorade containers and guys will just pour them on themselves to celebrate.