Looks like the Sox have a few famous last names on their roster this Spring. 

“Today we rewrote history,” White Sox pitcher Ryan Burr said. “We went back in time and revisited the duel and changed the outcome a little bit.”

“We came together, it was all about unity at the end,” fellow White Sox pitcher Ian Hamilton said. “That’s basically the moral of the story. Don’t fight each other. Come together.”

The two relievers with the famous last names have been linked together since becoming teammates with the White Sox Class-A team in Winston-Salem, N.C., in 2017. 

Burr and Hamilton surprised everyone by walking into the clubhouse dressed as their namesakes, donning colonial era costumes.

 “It was the Party City version of the closest we could find,” Hamilton said.  

“Nothing too serious, but we kind of winged it,” said Burr, who admitted that he first had to overcome a paralyzing bout of stage fright.

“I was more nervous than maybe I was in my major league debut,” Burr said. “I hate talking in front of people. I don’t know why. It gets me sometimes. I’m glad it’s over.”

Fortunately, this Burr had a friend he could count on in Hamilton.

“He was nervous. He was about to throw up before we were doing it,” Hamilton said. “I was telling him, ‘chill, chill, chill.’ It all ended up good. Lots of laughs.”

How do these two baseball players describe the events of that notorious duel from 1804?

“Hamilton and Burr were political rivals,” Burr explained. “Hamilton was talking smack about him throughout his political career and I think Aaron Burr eventually just had enough and said, you know what, let’s do something in the streets of New Jersey. It became a duel and he shot and killed Alexander Hamilton.”

“I survived for a little bit,” said Hamilton, still in character.

How long did you survive?

“Long enough to go to New York, and then I died.”

“Thanks Wikipedia,” added Burr.

When your last name is Burr, and you’re friends with a Hamilon, you must do something like this. 

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