For a long time, casinos have been known as the places that draw the rich and famous. Not only celebrities from Poland but all over the world are still eager to appear at different casino events from time to time. 

It is safe to say that gambling can turn into an addiction that brings people to the end of their careers if not dealt with caution. It is the same for celebrities as well: some could lose serious amounts of money and reputation being a gambling addict while others approach it as a hobby and get really good at it.

In this article, we dig Jacek Michalski’s insights into the celebrities who like gambling more than just a hobby. If you want to emulate their success, check out kasyno internetowe to find the best casinos in Poland! Now, buckle up and keep reading.

1. Tiger Woods 

Tiger Woods is the world’s most famous golf player, also known for his vices, such as sex scandals and gambling addiction. He’s currently in 12th place in Forbes’ The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes list $60M endorsements, which means he still has a couple of dimes to spare in gambling adventures.

His gambling problem became public when he befriended two well-known stars, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, both of whom are known for their gambling problems. According to Bleacher Report, he’s not afraid of rolling high, wagering $250,000 per hand.

2. Michał Wiśniewski

Polish pop singer Michał Wiśniewski, also known for his love for gambling, was the owner of an online gambling site called Wisniewski Casino and one of the biggest stars winnings in online casinos. 

Poker is the favourite way of gambling of the Polish celebrity. The singer is an avid gamer and a frequent participant in poker tournaments. During the last few years, he also created several poker websites and organised online tournaments. Micha Wisniewski was also the narrator in the computer game Poker Simulator.

3.  Liroy

The forefather of Polish rap is also a gambler. Liroy, also known as Piotr Marzec, has competed in several international poker tournaments, including the European Poker Tour in Warsaw and the Monte Carlo Poker Classic, accompanied by Micha Wisniewski. In turn, Liroy travelled to Portugal with Marcin Mroczek, best known for his role in the television series “M jak Mio.”

4. Charlie Sheen

No blog article about celebrities who love gambling would be complete unless Charlie Sheen was mentioned. Controversial, funny, bizarre, but never dull: the main man of Two and a Half Men and Hollywood bad boy is also known as one of the most famous stars play roulette.

Sheen is well-known for his obsession with roulette, sports betting, blackjack, and late-night Las Vegas casino parties. Sheen is now at the canyon’s bottom, raising his two teenage daughters. Is he still having a good time? We don’t know.

5. Kamil Grosicki 

Kamil Grosicki was a gambling addict, too, as he discussed how his problems began in Dziennik. One day his close friends take him to the casino, and he quickly realises that he could earn as much as he was getting for a month of play in 20 minutes. 

He walked right into a trap. He spent up to four months’ salary in a casino in his worst month. Despite earning a decent wage, he became indebted. His team referred him to a gambling addiction treatment centre. It wasn’t easy, but he credits Tomasz Frankowski and the Mother of God, whose image he has tattooed on his arm, for her assistance.

6. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck, a big movie star and who also has battled alcoholism, is one of the most visible sports betting advertisers. He even appears in television commercials for online betting platforms. 

Ben Affleck is still having issues with betting. A month after being kicked out of the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, he had another run-in with the law in a city where he was on a romantic getaway with his wife, Jennifer Garner. The reason was the same: he wanted to count the cards in his favourite game, blackjack, a technique that is not cheating but is against the casino’s interests.


Casinos attract many different kinds of people, including celebrities. It is not a secret that some stars play casino games too seriously, while others approach it just as a way to pass the time. Learning from the worst, we suggest our readers approach gambling with caution.