Women today are capable of just about anything, including in the sports environment. We have countless women athletes with stellar performances, but what about the sports industry ladies who don’t spend their time in the spotlight?

Angela Cullen is 47 years old, a wife, a mother of three, and the performance coach of 7-times Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton. Fans of the Mercedes driver, who aims to break the record for most F1 championships won this year, are surely familiar with who Angela is. Still, her efforts to keep business and personal affairs separate are definitely working, as very few things are known about this impressive woman. 

We did our research and were able to find out a bit more about Angela Cullen and who she is, so keep reading if you are interested to get to know who, as he stated, changed Lewis Hamilton’s life. 

She is quite a family woman

While not much is known about Angela’s private life, as she prefers not to share things about her family online, the media was able to find out a thing or two. 

While abroad for most of the year following Hamilton around, she resides in the Rhone-Alpes region of France. Angela is married to Silas Cullen, pro cyclist, and has three children – two boys and a girl. In the few interviews she has given, she talks about the support of her family and how she could not be where she is today without their help. 

She was a high-performance hockey player

Angela was born and raised in Devonport, New Zealand, so she was always passionate about outdoor activities and sports. In high school, she played soccer, cricket, basketball, and even did a bit of swimming athletics, but field hockey was the sport that she chose to play for 6 years, representing New Zealand. 

She was 15 when she started playing high-performance hockey and she continued to do so until she was 21. It was her introduction to high-performance sports and the factor that influenced her career decisions. She went on to become a physiotherapist and work with a number of athletes and became quite a name in her business. But it was Lewis Hamilton who convinced her to extend her job duty and become his trainer, physio, and personal assistant. 

When asked, many virtual personal assistants from virtalent.com state this seems to be a dream job and hope they can find clients with which they can form such close connections that rely on professionalism and friendship at the same time. 

She’s more than a trainer for Lewis

Most Formula One fans are familiar with Angela as Lewis’ physiotherapist, but she is also responsible for his daily routine, personal logistics, food, sleep habits, travel arrangements, and more. 

More significantly, Angela is constantly there for Lewis, offering emotional support and assisting him in maintaining the greatest possible mental state. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the Briton referred to her as one of the best things that have happened to him in an interview back in 2020.

They even got matching tattoos

Their matching tattoos show how much trust they have in each other. Lewis and Angela are said to have the word “loyalty” tattooed on their wrists.

Some other members of the team are reported to have had the same tattoo done, signifying the strong connection and honesty between team members.