For all those who are puzzled or just curious about this new face Charlie Zelenoff, that’s been around on the internet buzz for a while now, we’ve put together everything that you need to know.

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Who is Charlie Zelenoff?

If you are searching about Charlie Zelenoff, you have probably seen at least one of his so-called ‘boxing challenge’ videos. Charlie Zelenoff‘s documentary clarifies what happens in reality. As you might have seen in the video, what he does is paying and challenging people for a sparring round and then pulling a trick on them. He simply gets others off guard by landing punches when they are fixing their gloves. While they’re figuring out what just happened, Charlie asks them if they’d go for more and declare himself as the winner of another boxing match. This way he claims to have ‘won’ 240 matches with no lost matches. This is far from the truth though; he got seriously in trouble with some professional boxers, some of which was a 16-YO boxing trainee and Floyd Mayweather Sr.

He seems to be delusional- well, at least that’s what a majority of people hearing his claims think. After all his claims, people might be fair in calling him the world’s biggest boxing bully.

So, as you guessed, there’s seldom any boxing involved in the game with this boxing champion. He’s nothing but self-proclaimed ‘UFB World Champion’. Charlie has hardly any history in professional boxing whatsoever- he’s just passionate about boxing and took it on himself to get the fame he wanted through the internet, apparently after he failed to get into professional boxing bodies. The 30 year old posts all of his so call boxing ‘matches’ on his YouTube channel that now has crazy views in millions. Well, at least he seems to be doing pretty good for a boxing bully.

Charlie Zelenoff Net Worth

As we mentioned above, he seems to be doing well enough for a boxing bully. And, whether to criticize or to laugh, people sure are watching and sharing his videos. Zelenoff has an estimated net worth of about USD 160000 as of 2018 as per some sites, whereas, there are other sources claiming him to have the net worth of over a million dollars.

Charlie Zelenoff wife

Well, despite what others think or say Charlie Zelenoff’s beautiful wife, Daria Zelenoff has got his back. Though there is no knowledge of their marriage or relationship history, Zelenoff couple seems have been happily married for a while- years- now. Apparently, they’ve dated long before they got into the wedlock.

Charlie Zelenoff background and facts

Charlie Zelenoff was born on July 27th, 1988. The 30 year old Russian-American was brought-up in LA. There’s not much details of his personal background available.

Anyway, we’ve got to give him this- this guy didn’t give-up on his dream of becoming the ‘world boxing champion’. He got the recognition he was after- you’re searching about his, after all! So yeah, let’s give the guy some credits!