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A conversation that is always going to crop up amongst NBA fans as we all struggle to put our finger on who we believe is the best player in the history of the NBA. There have been hundreds of players come through the college leagues and make it into the big time and claim themselves to be the best player in the history of their sports and in our eyes, it comes down to two players.

The first player that is always going to be in contention for the greatest of all time accolade is Michael Jordan who certainly through down a legacy during and after his playing career. Jordan was quite easily the best scorer in the history of the NBA, and mainly because he wasn’t blessed with the physic of other players such as the power of Shaw, the size of Kareem, or the athletism of Lebron, but he still couldn’t be stopped by any player on the court. During his player days, he won the top scorer in the league 10 times and his 6-0 record in the finals just explains how important he was to the Chicago Bulls during his playing days. Not only that, but post-career, he created the Nike Jordan’s which due to being the most marketable player on the market, and Jordan’s have gone on to be one of the most successful collaborations of all time. 

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There is only one player that has not just the ability on the court, but also the personality off the court to rival Michael Jordan as the greatest player of all time and that’s LeBron James. Ever since James burst onto the NBA scene when he left college at 18, he has become one of the biggest dominating forces on the court and has single handily dragged teams to success. For example, he brought a Championship to Cleveland after a 52-year drought, he defeated two of the league’s greatest all-star sides in the finals not just once but twice in San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors. LeBron is still currently playing in his 18th season and is still arguably the best player in the league, which just shows the longevity of James and why he is one of the best to ever do it.