The question of who will win the Premier League is not usually one that is even valid at this point in the season. With only twelve games played, anything can happen, right? 

That’s true to an extent, but this season, perhaps more than any in recent history, the outcome seems to already be revealing itself. 

Liverpool are on such hot form, and other teams who would usually be up there with them have fallen so far behind, that it would take a minor miracle for current champions Manchester City, or anyone else for that matter, to make a comeback.

It could happen… City could break through, Liverpool could experience a losing streak like no other, or an outsider like Leicester City could still shock the world. Let’s take a look.

Liverpool – Likely Winners

Jul 19, 2019; South Bend, IN, USA; Borussia Dortmund midfielder Thorgan Hazard (23) dribbles the ball while Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold (66) defends in the second half of a preseason preparation soccer match at Notre Dame. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Liverpool last triumphed in the Premier League back in 1990. This season could be their year to shine. So far, Liverpool have earned themselves 34 points from 12 games, dropping only two points in a single game; a draw against Manchester United. 

Aside from being the current UEFA Champions League and Super Cup holders, Liverpool are showing great domestic form. Their recent 3-1 win over Manchester City placed them firmly in the driver’s seat. 

Liverpool benefit from having some of the top players in the Premier League on their side, from forwards like Salah, to defenders like Virgil van Dijk keeping it tight at the back. It’s going to take injuries, red cards or sheer bad luck for Liverpool to lose the title at this stage.

Manchester City – Can They Pull It Back? 

Jul 28, 2018; Ann Arbor, MI, USA; Liverpool player Mohamed Salah signs jerseys after an International Champions Cup soccer match against Manchester United at Michigan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Cameron Pollack/Detroit Free Press via USA TODAY Sports

Last year, you could have made the case for most of the Big 6 teams in the run up to the end of the season, although realistically it was always a two horse race between City and Liverpool. City won the 2018/19 season in the end, and this year they were expected to take it to Liverpool in another close title race. 

So far, this hasn’t exactly been the case. City haven’t had a bad start. They opened with a 5-0 win away at West Ham, and have had other high scoring wins over Brighton and Watford. However, they’ve dropped crucial points against Norwich, Wolves and, of course, Liverpool, leaving them with 25 points from their first 12 games.

Manchester City came back from 8 points behind to win the Premier League last season, but are now already 9 points behind Liverpool. They will have to hit perfect form from now on to stand a chance. 

Anyone Else?

Are there any other realistic contenders? The short answer is, not really, Leicester City could be considered the closest Liverpool have to league rivals, at least for the moment. Leicester sit second in the league with 26 points, and have won 8 of their games, including the epic 9-0 thrashing of Southampton. 

Other than that, Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea and Manchester United don’t seem to be finding the quality and consistency that will be needed to hit the top spot. The 2019/20 Premier League is Liverpool’s for the taking, unless someone can turn it around in time.