CBD is probably best known for its pain-relieving qualities.  Now, however, it’s becoming more appreciated for its beneficial effect on the mind and emotions.  This is, of course, particularly important in highly strategic games such as golf.  Here are just some of the reasons why golfers from amateur to pro are adding CBD “golf gummies” to their golf bags.

Playing from the first tee

Getting off to a strong start in golf is as important as it is in any other sport.  It is, however, quite common for golfers to experience “first-tee jitters” especially in challenging situations.  Even when you’re playing a friendly round on your home turf, it can be hard to find your mental focus.  If your life is busy, you may find that your brain just won’t calm down and let you just play golf.

The calming effect of CBD can be just what you need to persuade your busy mind to wind down, at least for a while.  If you know you’re going into a really stressful situation (like a vital match), you can even combine CBD with other relaxation techniques.  For example, CBD is a natural partner for meditation.

Keeping your focus

Golf is played at a much slower pace than many other sports.  Even a casual round of golf can last three or four hours and that’s assuming no interruptions.  If you’re playing in an amateur tournament then you could well be looking at a couple of rounds in (fairly) quick succession.  If you have ambitions to go to Championship or PGA standard, then you’re looking at three or four rounds.

Looked at in terms of raw numbers, this looks pretty manageable.  After all, the average full-time worker will typically put in at least eight hours a day.  Realistically, however, the average full-time worker is not going to be giving their job their complete mental and physical focus for all that time.  They’re even more unlikely to be doing so under the pressure of competition (even friendly).

Using CBD helps golfers to maintain focus without overbalancing into tension and stress.  This in turn helps to reduce the amount of mental (and sometimes physical) energy a player wastes.  It, therefore, helps to stave off the debilitating effects of fatigue.  This can give you a serious edge, particularly in the later stages of a round or a tournament.

Caring for your body

Most golfers are probably most interested in the mental and emotional benefits of CBD.  That said, the physical benefits of CBD can also be very useful.  The first, and possibly most obvious, the physical benefit of CBD is that it has a relaxing, soothing effect on the muscles.  This doesn’t make them weak, quite the opposite.  It essentially just calms them so they can work their best.

The second major benefit of CBD (in a golfing context) is that it’s excellent for treating inflammation.  This helps to reduce the aches and pains many golfers feel going into later holes.  Just as importantly, it also speeds up your post-play recovery so you can get back on the green without undue delay.