Whether you’re trying a new sport, or you’re looking to improve your current performance, having access to the right kit and equipment is an essential part of your training. As a volleyball enthusiast, this logic still applies. Of course, you may be conscious about keeping costs down, however, when it comes to performance, safety and comfort, choosing the right volleyball shoes can make all the difference.

While it’s tempting to simply throw on a pair of sneakers or running shoes and assume that they’ll do the trick, however, when it comes to performance in this fast-paced sport, participants must have the kit they need to change their game for the better. In this post, we’ll explore why choosing the right volleyball shoes is crucial to your performance.


Buying volleyball shoes isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds, while you may be more focused on shoe features that enhance your performance, athletes should always keep comfort in mind when choosing volleyball shoes. Your performance and training are going to be impacted if you’re running around the court with shoes that are too tight, shoes that are rubbing or those that don’t provide you with any cushioning to support your feet.

A volleyball shoe with good cushioning and a strong midsole are essential qualities of any volleyball shoe. As athletes spend extensive time on the balls of their feet and toes, a well-structured shoe can keep your feet protected and supported whether you’re participating in a gruelling match or working on your technique in training.


As volleyball is a fast-paced and demanding sport, with athletes moving quickly to stay ahead, safety must be taken seriously. Volleyball is often played on hard surfaces, putting players at risk particularly those who don’t possess the right footwear. Traction and grip are essential features of any good volleyball shoe, with a gum rubber sole in place to support those quick movements, to prevent slips and trips and to help players improve their on-court performance.

Ankle Support

Due to the side to side movements, and fast-paced action of volleyball games, the pressure that players place on their ankles and joints can quickly lead to injuries if they don’t have the right support in place. Again, this is where your volleyball shoes come in. High-quality volleyball shoes prioritise ankle support, protecting them from demanding lateral movements and keeping injuries at bay.


When your volleyball shoes are comfortable, supportive and allow you to play without inhibitions or concerns about your safety, then you can expect your performance to improve. A combination of optimal traction, lightweight materials and good cushioning can help you move faster, jump higher and leave your competitors in the dust.

Final Thoughts…

Volleyball shoes aren’t just about aesthetics and looking good on the court, they’re an integral part of your overall performance and without them, you could be putting your success and even your health at risk. Consider these factors when choosing your next pair of volleyball shoes.