Do you know table tennis, also called ping pong? This sporting activity allows you to relax while keeping in shape. We reveal everything on the small racket.

The rules

Table tennis is an easy sport to learn and accessible to the greatest number.

Two players, on either side of a table separated in two by a net, throw each other a small ball using a racket. If the ball bounces more than once, or if a player sends it directly into the net or the ball leaves the table then the point is scored by the opponent.


Table tennis has many physical and mental benefits. Here is a non-exhaustive overview.

  • This sport develops analytical skills because the exchanges are so fast that the players (table tennis players) must be very concentrated. Likewise being able to read your opponent’s game, guessing your next move optimizes acuity.
  • Table tennis improves reflexes because it is a game of skill and precision.
  • It has cardiotonic properties and offers an excellent cardiovascular training.
  • Playing table tennis can increase your perception of visual space.


Pathologies of table tennis are rare but when there are a few injuries, most of the time, they are traumas due to falls. The most frequent incidents can be sprains of the ankle, sores or even bumps, but rarely more.

Intensive practice can cause inflammation of the tendons of the hand and wrist, especially when taking a racket in “pen holder”.

Other muscular accidents can be encountered: elongation, breakdown, tear or rarely rupture in people who neglect the warm-up exercises.


Table tennis is certainly less energetic than tennis to which it is akin, since you are not on a large field, with the need to run from all sides. However, it still allows you to burn calories without necessarily noticing (about 250 calories for one hour of practice), while having fun with children.

On the fitness side: in addition to developing your flexibility and reflexes, table tennis also provides muscle strengthening for the legs due to the many flexions and stretches.

Thus, your line is gradually drawn as you practice. Indeed, thanks to this sport, you muscle your whole body (arms, abs, legs.) And you feel lighter.

Want to try? Let’s go !