It’s a simple question but I think that nobody can really answer it straight. Is it because we’re so infatuated with the lives of other people? Is it because the athletes are so much more famous and popular than us? What is it that drives us towards these men and women and why do we love to talk smack about them when they do something wrong, or even just chatter about their relationships and so on? It’s simple to see that there is definitely something going on here, so we think that we need to take a deeper dive into the world of online gossip. And what better place to make that kind of article than us? I mean we’re called after all, so we should at least know a thing or two about the subject at hand! Here are the top 3 reasons why we gossip about popular athletes.

  1. We care about their sports careers

Yes, it’s true, we might not ever be able to achieve what they have managed to achieve but we can sure as hell root for them whenever we see them perform. If you have a favorite football or basketball player, then you surely know that feeling of worth whenever they manage to win something, and you’ve been rooting for them. It’s because we care so much about them that we have to gossip about what they do as well. We think this makes sense when you think about it.

  1. They have much more interesting lives

Now we’re not saying that each and every one of us leads a boring life. But surely, we can all agree that our lives can’t be compared to those of these athletes. I mean these guys have millions, sometimes even billions of dollars to spend on stuff. They can go to expensive parties, date hot chicks or guys, and all in all they have a great time. That’s why whenever they’re at one of these events we have to take notice and talk about it. I mean we might not be able to live that life, but we can at least see what it’s like through the eyes of other people such as these famous sportsmen and women.

  1. It’s entertaining to watch and read about

Come on, let’s face it. The main reason why we chat so much and gossip about these people is because it’s just so damn fun. It gives you something to talk about with your friends and you can rest assured that whatever you might be doing with them, you’ll never get bored or not have anything to talk about. And we all know how awkward it can get when we all get silent when we’re hanging out with friends! At least we’ll never be bored alone, and while we can’t gossip with ourselves, we can always check out the best free games to have fun with while we are online.