In 2016, Nate Diaz made waves using an oil vape pen on national television during a post-fight interview. At the time, Diaz was chastised for vaping because the oil was derived from cannabis, a substance that is still largely restricted by the federal government and many states. 

Regardless, Diaz continues to be a proponent of vaping, and many MMA fighters have followed his lead. So, why does Diaz, and many other MMA fighters, continue to vape? 

Diaz Was Vaping CBD

When questioned about what he was vaping, Diaz said that it was cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid derived from cannabis, usually hemp. While CBD is federally legal today, it wasn’t made so until Congress passed the 2018 Farm Bill. At the time, Diaz was publicly vaping a federally restricted substance. 

Diaz explained in the interview that he used a CBD oil vape pen before and after fights. He claimed that using CBD helped his muscles heal after intense fights as well as helping to manage the ensuing inflammation. 

Wouldn’t Getting High Before a Fight Hurt His Chances of Winning?

It would, except CBD doesn’t get you high. Even though CBD comes from cannabis, it isn’t the active component that causes the traditional high you get from marijuana. The cannabinoid responsible for creating weed’s traditional high is Tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly called THC. It is found in the indica carts and other oils in a specific amount.

Even though CBD has no psychoactive effects (like getting high or drunk), it was banned by most sporting organizations, including within MMA, because cannabis had no legal standing. Today, CBD is no longer illegal nor prohibited, which has provided many MMA fighters a safe, legal way to treat pain and inflammation from fights. 

Does CBD Really Provide Benefits to MMA Fighters?

In the age of essential oils, supplements, and a barrage of unproven treatments touting incredible health benefits, it’s natural to be skeptical of CBD providing real health benefits. While there are many claims associated with CBD that are unproven, research is beginning to show that CBD may be able to provide a variety of health benefits. 

Though research is ongoing, it is consistently showing that CBD may effectively treat:


  • Inflammation
  • General pain
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Seizure Disorders


For MMA fighter (and athletes in general), being able to treat chronic inflammation and pain without having to rely on opioids is an incredible benefit. Opioids treat pain, but they also are highly addictive and subject the user to a variety of terrible side-effects

What Kind of Oil Vape Did Diaz Use?

The vape that Diaz was using in his infamous interview was a device called a vape pen. Vape pens are devices with a simple, straightforward design. They have a battery and connect to most vape cartridges designed with 510 threading. Vape pens are popular among beginners as well as experts looking for a travel-friendly, discreet device. 

CBD oil is commonly sold in prefilled cartridges meant for use with an oil vape pen. In states where it’s legal, you can also find THC oil cartridges for similar uses. If you already have a device that can vape traditional oil, like nicotine-infused e-juice, that same oil vape can be used to enjoy CBD oil.

Common Kinds of Oil Vapes

Since his interview in 2016, the vape market has exploded. It’s easy to find a variety of different vaping devices today, not just simple vape pens. Here are some common oil vape designs you can find today.

Pod Oil Vapes

Pod oil vapes are similar to vape pens, except their loading mechanism for vaping oil is different. Pod oil vapes use pods or another proprietary oil loading device instead of oil vape cartridges. Like vape pens, they are very easy to use and often have modern, sleek designs. Your oil selection will be much more limited since you can only choose oils made by your vape manufacturer. 

Box Mod Oil Vapes

Box mods are large, powerful vape batteries that come with all kinds of configurations and features. These are the kinds of vapes that expert, veteran vaping enthusiasts most commonly land on, as they provide a high-quality, customizable vaping experience. 

Box mods are compatible with a wide variety of attachments, not just oil vape cartridges. They can use most oil vape tanks, which are refillable, allowing for cost-effective vaping. They can also accommodate attachments meant for dry herb or concentrate vaping.

Desktop Oil Vapes

Desktop oil vapes are ideal for those who don’t plan on vaping outside of their home. They are large, stationary devices that usually plug into an electrical outlet instead of using battery power (though many models use both). They also provide a customizable experience, like box mods, but they are able to handle far more vaping oil at a time. 

Most people use desktop oil vapes to create incredibly large clouds of vape. Like box mods, most desktop oil vapes can also use dry herbs and concentrates. 

Where Can I Find Oil Vape Pens?

Oil vape pens, as well as other oil vaping devices, are commonplace. Most cities and towns have a vape shop that will sell oil vape pens. Hemp and marijuana dispensaries also usually sell oil vapes that can be used to enjoy their products. It’s even common to find oil vapes in gas stations.

It’s even easier to find oil vapes online. There are dozens of online retailers that sell oil vapes, and many manufacturers sell directly to consumers. If you’re interested in oil vaping, reach out to us! We’d love to give you personalized advice and help you get in an oil vape pen that you’ll love using.