A box new gun in $399 range is Tippmann x7 Phenom. It has been equipped with the technology of Flex Valve which performs operations below PSI 300 for the optimal efficiency of air. About 1400 shots can be from the PSI 4500 tank easily by the player. 

It is the 1st gun having electro pneumatic to give an array of upscale niceties of markers which are highly coveted in combination with each other. The features of electronic and manual modes of firing, fantastic accuracy, greater efficiency of air and the ability of using compressed CO2 or air.

For the players who are looking for a competitive marker of high quality (check out on mypaintballnation) Particularly, the players of woods ball will like this gun.    


This marker of caliber .68 is produced with a design of Spool Valve for minimizing the recoil. A kickback can be experienced hardly when the x7 Phenom is fired and in result, a more shooting accuracy is gained by the player. 

If a survey was to be conducted among the owners of this gun, the great majority of them won’t have any complaints about the accuracy of the marker. Along with the accuracy, it is also quite silent as well. The hopper of the gun can hold as much as 20 BPS, rate of firing is 20 BPS and the range which is effective is 150 feet.

Without giving any exceptions, the marker fires whenever the trigger is pressed by the player. This is all possible without any usage of batteries. The trigger is all metallic for the purpose of stability improvement. Almost 5 modes of firing are allowed by the selector switch of 3 positions. 

An elegant design style of E-grip is also there which allows the players to switch flips for entering into the semi mode. Full auto, full automatic response and 3 shot are included in the other modes. When talking about the shot’s feel, there is not much to wobble. 

A foundation which is stable and easier beholding is provided by the grip for ensuring the minimal ensued recoil. There is rigidity in the push pins and when there is movement of gun, no rattles occur. The paintballers will be pleased by the point that a coil is placed across the line of air which links the cyclone to give extra protection.


Its design is famous as sear less which brings lesser wear parts in use than majority of other marker. Maintenance is facilitated by this procedure. The foundation of x7 is based off of this marker but is 3 inch shorter in length. 

The weight of the marker is below 4 pounds and a barrel stone hoed with 9.5-inch length. The body of the marker is made of aluminum that is lighter in weight. There is construction of pushpin for quicker facilitation and easier striping of field. Quicker magazine release is liked by the players and the tools for built-in space of storage.   

Like the other markers available on the market, the look of the marker is professional and esque of military, grateful to the internal line of gas and the point that there is no handle of cocking. It has a profile which is low and hopper is offset conveniently so that line’s sight for the player is very clear.

The regulator inside the marker allows player to adjust pressures, which adjust the velocity in turn. The diagram is available as well to show which way the marker is to be turned for the decreasing and increasing of velocity for getting the players free of relying on their memory.

It is process which allows the player to tune the velocity of their shots finely. For fitting the contexts of their competition. When it comes to the negatives, it has been complained by few players that the gun is bulky (there are many reviews about this gun on prospaintball feel free to check) and heavier when compared to the others. 

Upgradations And Modifications 

About 20 upgradations and modifications are accepted by the marker. Flatline Barrel is among the popular ones. All types of the upgrades which are aesthetics can be added as well for many various styles. 

Upper rail Picatinny is an equipment added to the marker in addition to the previous one for allowing the inclusion of new handles, scopes and sights. Both the rear and the front sides can be removed when desired. As marker is heavy, some players make use of the remote line. A bolt upgradation is chosen to use by many players. 

The marker can be upgraded to the electric version from the mechanical one of standard type which is loved by the players. Only requirement is the x7’s e-grip purchase which replaces the grip that is the mechanical one. 

A barrel dominator, remote deluxe, 14” Barrel Pathfinder, freedom fighter barrel, hopper of low profile and a straight line of 16-inches are the other options of upgrade and accessories. The heaviness of the marker is worth nothing when compared with its features.

Avoiding to add any extra equipment significantly increases the weight of the marker which is substantially heavier already.


Lubricant of marker, a device for barrel blocking and a pack of general maintenance comes with the x7 Phenom for taking care of the rest of the upkeeps which are involved with the marker. As, there isn’t any hose for air externally, this gun is more easy to clean than most of the other markers.

It should be made sure that the cyclone of the marker is kept clean and grease is applied to the ratchet and oil onto the piston. This marker could be used for several years and the cyclone remains intact for sure. Like the other marker, this one also comes with the warranty of 2 years.


If the player’s ready to pay $400 for this marker, this gun is worth the consideration of the player absolutely. It is an extremely powerful and versatile gun. For the woods ball players of paintball, this is the ideal choice as they are requiring a marker which is slightly lighter.