If you are reading this article then it means you are considering advertising your business on Facebook. Let me tell you one thing straight it is really great to boost your business and if you are still not sure we have a few reasons why Facebook advertising is effective and you should definitely read this.

1.  Because people spent most of their time on facebook.

It’s no brainer that we all spend a larger portion of our free time on social media and Facebook stands on top of them. 80 % of the total internet users use Facebook and that includes 65 % of adults ( over the age of 65 too). So your business advertising will reach to different age group sections. One of the other benefits is that your customers use facebook every day meaning they will know about recent updates and they will be informed about your services daily.

2. Because it is cheap.

One of the best advantages of Facebook advertising is that is is really cheap. You can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for a radio or television advertising but facebook advertising will starts from 5 dollars and you can reach thousands of people daily. It a smart decision to spend less and reach a good number of customers than spend thousands where you will get significantly less number of interested customers. 

3. Because you will reach to interested customers.

Advertising on Facebook will be really effective for your business because it is a targeted form of advertisement and reach to the audience that are highly interested in your products. You can reach to the customers by categorizing them by their age, interests, behavior to sell your product that is desired by them. You will not get this kinda benefit in any other form of advertisement. 

4. Because it is fast and spread awareness about your business.

If you are looking for a fast way to drive traffic to your website then you should definitely advertise hour business on facebook ads courses. If you start today, you will reach 1000 people before you know. It is a fast and instant form of advertisement that shows immediate results. And by reaching them fast you will make sure that more and more people are aware of your business and people will know your brand and the services you have to offer. Isn’t it great that the people who are looking for the exact product or service that you have to offer will find you in no time? So don’t waste your time and make more customers and increase your brand value.

5.  Because you will have almost double sales and revenue! 

The goal for any business or service is to increase their revenues and profit and the most effective way to do that is by advertising your business or website. With advertising your business on facebook you will drive more traffic to your business website that will lead to more profits and revenue. You will earn 3 times more than you will spend on advertising on Facebook! facebook ad design is very effective.

We hope these reasons are enough to make you believe that why facebook advertising is effective! And you can measure your advertisement and the number will speak for itself. Don’t just sit there and wait for a miracle to happen when you can make money by advertising on Facebook ads example.