Do You Like Soccer Or Basketball More?

Although soccer may be more popular than basketball in the United States, I believe there are still many people who love basketball, so are you a fan of the NBA or Super Bowl? Even if you are not a professional soccer or basketball player, you will be impressed by the tension and energy of this competitive sport, and gradually you will want to try it yourself and sweat it out on the field!

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It is difficult to make a choice between football and basketball. If you love sports and have played both the games, you can only speak for one and that too, subjectively. Aside from being different in their systems, rules, and mechanics, they both are quite equally liked around the world. But, if we speak of them in terms of America, football would definitely win the battle on account of its history and present following. Americans simply love football. You might not know what Super Bowl is but when it is on, it is all that there is on social media. Just following the trending hashtags would pull the hype right on to your screen and in no time you’d see yourself sinking in the fun and excitement hauled by your American friends. It is a big deal and there is no doubt in the fact that they religiously follow it – be it on TV or computer via a trustful internet connection (click here), or live in a stadium.

Playing it, on the other hand, is a completely different subject. Those who play football themselves are likely to get more involved in watching the national leagues on international grounds. However, we don’t mean that football, as a sport, is a better game than basketball. For Americans, football became one of the most followed games for cultural reasons, just like cricket for Indians and Pakistanis reserves a popular interest. Cultural history might have a good contributive hand behind the religious following of the game; nonetheless, football did appear to possess some prominent features that made it loved by Americans as a whole.

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Feet vs. hands

Basketball is a lot more complex than you think but compared to football, it’s not that tough. In football, the player plays the ball with his feet, while in basketball one completely relies on hands. Be it a small difference, it still makes the game a lot tougher for the players. It requires technique and days of practice, for which the player is rewarded at the end. At this point, one cannot really put both the sports in comparison as each of these has its distinct technique, and mastering these techniques is not easy at all. It takes years and years of practice to be able to play football. Basketball, however, does not require as much technique and practice. Let’s just admit that football is a difficult sport than basketball. You want to start with dribbling, you can learn it in a day, but bringing your feet into work is a lot more time consuming and technical. One can easily lose control over the ball with their feet when they aren’t experienced at all.

Football keeps one fit

Compared to basketball, you have to run a lot more in football. The ground is comparatively bigger; you have more players; you need to keep your hands out of the game, which results in bringing all parts of your body functioning in the game, apart from your hands. It is quite the opposite in basketball. Although, basketball requires running but footwork is not as tricky and strategic as it is for football. The point is… football is nothing less than an artistic skill with a handful of tricks and moves. You engage every part of your body to ace this sport, which is what keeps the player’s body fit. In order to be able to play this sport, just know that you have to be physically active and quite in proportion.

Football as the International Sport

When we said people around the world love both the sports equally, we didn’t mean it for the professional tournaments. We meant to point out both the sports as equally likable to play. While everyone loves playing these sports, football is the sport that gains the most attraction and attention on international platforms. Approximately 200 countries are involved in it, meaning: they take interest in this sport in particular to play the international tournaments.

No Off-season, no Height Restrictions

Unlike basketball, football does not get an offseason. It is a year-round sport, played all through the seasons: summer, winter, autumn, and spring. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy basketball, its prime seasons would be late autumn and all winter.

Another fact that makes football better as a sport in comparison to basketball is its zero limitations for people below 6 foot. You can be 5 foot tall and still be able to play football. Contrarily, basketball keeps an average height of about six foot seven. It means that in order to play the sport professionally, you have to be six foot three.

It is totally up to you whether you want to play the sport or watch professionals play it on your TV set. Both sports are abundantly exciting. While we believe that there shouldn’t be a comparison, the world speaks for itself and unfurls facts before us to prove why football as a sport is more generally liked.