Six-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback, Tom Brady and his wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen have been the subject of a number of rumors lately. As the NFL season just ended, there have been speculations that the quarterback may be leaving the New England Patriots and move to Greenwich with his wife and kids. So far, the decision is yet to be confirmed by officials, but the media is onto things, and evidence points towards the big move.

Brady is a free agent starting next month, but he still has some time left in his NFL career, so if he does not resign with the Patriots, there is a big chance he may want to continue on with another team. However, we can’t keep wondering what supermodel wife has to say about it.

But first, let’s take a look at what evidence we have so far.

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A moving truck has been spotted outside the couple’s house in Boston

Brady and Bündchen are sharing a $33.9 million mansion in Boston, where they are raising both their two kids and Tom’s son from his previous relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan. Their house has already been on the market for a while, but even though they have tremendously cut down on the price, they can’t seem to be finding a potential buyer.

On Monday, February 3rd, a moving truck has been spotted outside their mansion, with one of the family’s assistant loading moving boxes in Bündchen’s car. Supposedly, the family will be moving to New York or Connecticut until Brady figures out what his future in NFL is.

According to his declarations back in October, the quarterback is still unsure about his 2020 plans. On one hand, his current team is willing to pay $30 million a year for him to stay in New England, but he may have some offers from other teams as well.

Does Gisele want for them to remain in New England?

Gisele has stated many times that she wouldn’t want her husband’s job, but that he loves what he does and she has not been able to convince him to retire from football, even though she tried. Additionally, she goes on to say she wants him to do whatever makes him happy, so we can’t begin to imagine her demanding Brady stays in New England if he wants to do otherwise.

The supermodel was spotted in Nashville just a month ago, visiting the Montgomery Bell Academy, an all-boys school. Brady was not with her, but could that mean he might be going on to play for the Tennessee Titans this next season?

In an interview from back in December, Brady revealed that both Gisele and his mother want him to retire, because neither of them wants to see him get hit. Football is a relatively dangerous game, and seeing your significant other getting squished by a bunch of men is not exactly your dream fairytale.

This, plus the fact that their kids are used to living in New England, going to school there and making probably a number of friends they would now have to leave, has led us to believe his wife may not exactly be keen to move.

Staying in New England – the fan’s top choice

Both the media and fans, including the bet365 USA community, are rooting for Brady to stay with the Patriots for another season. His game has not exactly been his best one in 2019, not because of his physical abilities, but because of his decision making. Throughout the entire season, he seemed to be struggling with where to go with the ball, or whether or not he should hit.

Yes, something might have been wrong with the Patriots this season as well, and Brady may not have the time or patience to watch the team regain its strength, but he also made a number of mistakes. By the end of the season, he ranked 26th in on-target throw percentage, and he ranked 8th worst in the league based on completion percentage over expectation, with -3.1%, according to Next Gen Stats.

Brady may be silent, but others not so much

Even though Brady and his wife are completely silent about their final decision, Michael Giardi from NFL Network provided a significant update a few weeks ago. He posted on his Twitter account that the Brady family has indeed moved to Manhattan until the quarterback is deciding what’s what and that they took up the space prior to the season’s ending. The couple’s house in Brookline, New England is still on the market. Brady owns an apartment in Manhattan for quite some time now, which is where his oldest son is currently living. 

Greg Hill, New England sports radio host, has also stated the Brady family is moving to a house in Greenwich, also mention that Brady’s suite at the Patriots’’ Massachusetts stadium seems to be cleaned out “in a way that perhaps has never been cleaned out before”. Additionally, Fred Camilo, Greenwich’s new first selectman, told Patch, the local news service, that even though Brady is not wearing the Pittsburgh Steelers’ black and gold colors, he is happy that the quarterback has chosen Greenwich as his new home.

Another declaration came from Governor Ned Lamont, which is a Greenwich resident. He took to Twitter back in January to welcome the couple to Greenwich, stating that other governors have tried to lure the Patriots to Connecticut for the past 30 years, but now it’s finally happening.

Whether or not the rumors are true, we have yet to figure out, but whatever Brady’s decision may be, we are certain his family will be very supportive. Gisele may want her husband to retire and stay home with the family, but she stated numerous times she is fully supportive of Tom’s decisions and will follow him no matter what. Even though she may not be a sports enthusiast herself, as she declared back in 2014, she still made numerous appearances at her husband’s games and posted supportive messages on both Instagram and Twitter plenty of times.