The Olympics are ongoing in Tokyo and everybody is already enjoying watching matches, competitions, events and athletes from all over the world. But, what about if you want to know more about your favourite sports? 

The Olympics are a big tradition in the sports world. Millions of people around the globe are watching what is happening in the dozens of venues in the host city. A mix of cultures travel to one city to share not only sports experience but also live memories that makes The Olympics a unique event every four years. 

With one year of delay due COVID-19 situation, Tokyo 2020 saw their famous tennis player Naomi Osaka was given the honor of lighting the Olympic cauldron in the Opening Ceremony. Millions of people were waiting for this moment after seeing their athletes walk around the Olympic Stadium, the same venue as in 1964.

But Tokyo 2020 has landed not only for the cultural environment of the city, athletes and Olympic movement. The main city in Japan will also show improvements in technology for sports. 

Data and news has become so important nowadays in the sports industry and that’s something that Oddspedia knows. The site provides a lot of information about more than 25 sports in the whole world. Including the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo. Oddspedia didn’t miss the opportunity to show all the strength regarding the biggest event in the world, offering real-time data and information from all the major sports. 

From the point of view of the Olympic followers, it’s amazing to have all that you need in your hand in seconds. The information and data are an essential part of the Olympics during the next few days, especially when people -if you are lucky to be in Tokyo- can’t travel to the venues due COVID-19 restrictions in Japan. 

Events and matches without people in the stands are a bit messy, but from Oddspedia you can follow all the action in real time, with the rest of the sport world, Olympics apart, also published and followed on the site. 

Why use Oddspedia during the Olympics? 

Oddspedia provides all the information from the Olympics, results, stats, and odds from the most important sports and events from Tokyo 2020. That’s something that gives the user an extra value to the site. 

A site nicknamed “All-in-One” product, that provides the user all information needed to follow an event from all over the world. Live Streaming is also available for those events, which can be opened in only one click from the homepage. 

But if you like to bet also in Sports, Oddspedia is also what you are looking for. Odds Comparison tool is available for all the sports with other tools that provide you some advantage over the bookmakers. Surebets, Valuebets, Dropping Odds, Blocked Matches and Blocked Odds are also available if you want to make money with The Olympics and also for other competitions running at the same time. You’ll be able to bet on some football, volleyball or basketball matches in Tokyo 2020 and also check the odds for the preliminary round of Champions League. 

The Oddspedia tools show the trends from the market, so you’ll be able to see when it was the best odds compared to others from different bookmakers. Also, give a chance to the Surebets and Valuebets to get extra and easy money from your favourite sports. The site also offers a lot of possibilities to edit your preferences with filters and the best information about bonuses and black list operators. 

Olympics & Oddspedia for publishers

Another feature that makes Oddspedia a real Nº1 feed from information and data are the widgets. In case you have a sport or betting site, Oddspedia offers to the publishers and webmasters a way to increase their benefits completely FREE. 

This 50%-50% deal allows the publishers to use the three Free Widgets available: Odds Comparison, Match Center and LiveScore. With these features for editors, you will be able to show results, the best odds from all the bookmakers available, and also Live Score from the biggest matches in the world. All with information in real time, an extra push to your business and your budget. 

The functionality of those widgets are completely friendly, customizable and responsive. You will need only select the parameters (sports, competition, etc.) and choose what colours suit your site better. You will be allowed to add your affiliate links on the web to earn money in an easy way and with all the matches available.