Shoppers certainly aren’t short on options when it comes to picking a new ride, with SUVs and crossovers becoming ever more popular in the USA. But even the bling of a super-sized Cadillac Escalade can’t compare to the thrill you get from behind the wheel of more athletic sedan cars. With comfortable driving, practicality, and spacious cabins to boot, sedans remain a firm favorite in the market. You also can’t deny what the sleek, sexy curves of a genuine sports sedan stirs deep within the soul of enthusiasts. 

Make the big plays

Not every sedan out there is made for the big leagues, but there are more than few that have what it takes to catch the scout’s eye. And while the beauties are, by and large, rather expensive luxury items, buyers on a budget can still dip their toes in the high-performance segment. If you are constrained financially, it’s hard to beat the Porsche Taycan or its Turbo brother. These hybrids from across the pond develop in excess of 500 hp even on the base model, with the electric motors doing heavy duty to bring sprint time down to a brisk 3.8 seconds on the standard version and a blistering 2.6 seconds on the Turbo.

You don’t need quite so much power to turn heads, though. Mercedes-Benz offers a selection of AMG products, while BMW offers up its M-series models. Of course, if you want to show you patriotic spirit, Dodge and Chevrolet have an array of high-performance muscle cars, and the Ford GT is a renowned speedster, too.

Dressed for the off-season

Not all sedans are designed to quench the thirst for adventure and quell the need for speed, and that’s okay, too. Between trips to the track or cruising down to the coast, you still need a car to get you to and from work in a reliable fashion. That’s not to say your daily commuter can’t be fun, too, but you will also need something that can handle daily errand runs. Certain brands have a knack for meeting buyers halfway, with offerings like the Hyundai Sonata or Honda Accord, while Mazda’s 3 and 6 models draw just as much attention.

These vehicles are also far lighter on fuel, so you won’t feel quite as guilty splurging on your gas guzzler on the weekends. You can expect a combined gas mileage of around 35 mpg from the average stock, while slightly pricier hybrids quickly recoup your investment with impressive figures of around 50 miles per gallon.

Retire in style

Once you’ve had your fun in the sun, got the girl, and started a family, you might not give up on your sporty speedsters, but you’ll want to upgrade your everyday driver to something a bit more fitting. Luxury sedans are still very much a symbol of success and self-pampering, and the sheer number of options on the market show that the segment is far from dead. You’ll see some familiar names here, like Mercedes and BMW, but Buick and Lincoln are just as established, and Tesla has certainly been making a lot of waves since the advent of the electronic motor vehicle.

You’ll likely still want a car that can keep up with your lifestyle, with enough room in the back for the kids and in the cargo hold for your weekly groceries. But just because you’re sensible, doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. The larger executive sedans from these manufacturers are more than capable of reminding you of what it’s like to be behind the wheel of a supercar, but their lavish interiors and long list of features means you can just as easily enjoy a casual cruise through town.