Whitewater rafting is a perfect team building activity as this can help each member’s collaboration and trust. This challenging way of bonding with your team will require you to work together in solving problems which, in turn, can greatly help improve your strategic and rational way of thinking. Generally, a company that regularly conducts team building activities results in better relationships among members, improved communication, and over time, increase productivity and work effectiveness.

There are four general types of activities designed for team building: problem solving and decision-making activities, communication activities, planning and adaptability activities, and of course activities that help focus on helping build trust among members. The very powerful reason, however, for having team building, is to obtain results. Here are some other reasons why team building is highly critical in a workplace.

Socializing and networking

These are some of the best and most effective ways in increasing workplace productivity. While this can help boost one’s morale, socializing also allows better working ethics within the workplace. Team building activities can either be sweet or short over lunch. But more and more companies these days are taking it to the next level, mapping out and carefully planning weekend activities, like whitewater rafting, so everybody will have ample time to plan for it.

Increased Team Performance

Team building events can help improve workplace projects primarily involving teamwork since the team members are able to understand one another. Once members are able to complete and enjoy a quick but fun team building over the weekend, chances are, they will go home with a better understanding of each other’s interests, strength, and weaknesses. When members have a full grasp of this, they are surely to work better together over time. People who do their best in their work will help create a tone for positive work ethics.

Team Spirit

Once a team exceeds over another team in a competition, celebration and fun follows. This can help them push harder to win more than ever. This simply shows that cheering and celebration that comes with every team building activity can encourage employees to take their job and commitment to the next level.

There are several ways of conducting team building activities: hiking, trekking, weekend at the beach, and so on. But one of the most popular (and fun) ways is whitewater rafting. Doing sports and physical activities, like water rafting, summons one’s positive emotion, thus causing what is called the oxytocin ripple. Oxytocin is considered a happy hormone. Thus, when one feels this surge of thrill and excitement, imagine how much positive emotion is shared among team members as you all successfully tackle the challenges in the rapids.

Another reason why companies are booking whitewater rafting trips these days is that it can help bridge “virtual” teams. It’s undeniable how people successfully enjoy the convenience of communicating with their peers thru phones, laptops, and other hand-held devices. People working in the virtual world come from different locations. They seldom meet personally. There are even people who work together in the same office, but their daily tasks can slowly isolate them to their busy screens. Whitewater rafting is a perfect way to break those barriers.

Whether your team is virtually scattered all over the country or based in one office, doing team building activities like white water rafting can really increase communication and trust among members. The excitement and the competition will surely give a powerful connection that teams will hold for keeps. At some point when your team encounters some roadblocks at work, just take a break and remember all those memories you had with your team during your rafting experience. Such happy memories will surely increase your serotonin levels and help get you back on track in no time.