Protein is basically one of the three major groups of nutrients that are required by the body. There are two categories of protein; animal and plant protein. Plant protein is found in legumes such as beans and soy while animal protein is found in beef, chicken, pork and fish. In fact, there are several varieties of protein that occur naturally in the body. However, the body is not able to generate the most essential ones that are known as amino acids. Protein is actually a long chain of amino acids that are interlinked to form one block. Since the body doesn’t store protein, you must eat the foods that contain the nutrient to supplement its needs. Here is a list of reasons why it’s important to indulge in healthy protein. 

  1. Storage and Delivery of Nutrients

Transport proteins are responsible for carrying substances via bloodstream to the cells that need them. It’s actually a two-way traffic because substances are also retrieved from cells and get deposited into the bloodstream. Besides that, these transporters are dedicated to a unique group of substances. For instance, those that distribute cholesterol can hardly deliver glucose and vice versa. Some of the substances that are ferried to various organs by proteins include oxygen, cholesterol, vitamins and blood sugar. Hemoglobin in particular distributes oxygen that is in the lungs to the rest of the body. Similarly, there are proteins that major storing substance reserves. The iron in your body is usually stored by a protein known as Ferritin. 

  1. Boosts Immunity

Drinking a smoothie that has been blended with Protein Powder can go a long way into enhancing your body’s immunity. When disease causing bacteria and viruses infect your body, the proteins generate antibodies that fights them off before they breed and make you sick. In fact, the proteins create antibodies that are wired to resist a particular variety of bacteria and virus. The good thing is that proteins are able to memorize the antibodies that it released for a certain disease to prevent its recurrence in future. If there are no proteins in the body, you can easily be knocked down by bacterial or viral infections. 

  1. Promotes Growth and Repair of Body Tissues

Deficiency in protein results in stunted growth. This is because the body uses protein to support the growth of body tissues. In other words, proteins form the building blocks for the formation of tissues in muscles. In addition to that, protein is also used in the repair of worn out body tissues. The tissues get worn out when you engage in vigorous activities such as athletics and gymnastics. The other culprit is when you have an injury or when expecting a baby. Expectant women are particularly encouraged to eat lots of protein because it promotes the growth of the baby that’s in the womb. Kids and elderly need more protein than adults. You kids are still growing, meaning they need it to grow in a healthy way. The elderly on the other hand have many tissues that got worn out during their youthful years and hence need to be restored.