Out of four major professional sports leagues in North America, NFL (National Football League) is one of those. It is a benchmark for American football. The 17-week regular session starts from early September and ends in late December. Each team has to play 16 games. After the conclusion of the regular session, six teams from each segment(four from division toppers and two wild card teams), participate in the playoff, this is a single-elimination tournament. The final “Super Bowl “is typically held on the first Sunday of the month of February. It is played between the titleholder of NFC and AFC. There are numerous reasons Why Should You Start Watching NFL Games.

Television has revolutionized

Television has transfigured the arena of sport. It has become unimaginable, not to watch a football game live on TV, being an ardent follower of football. There are many kinds of sports shown on TV, be it hockey, baseball, basketball or golf, but nothing is thrilling and captivating like NFL football.

Commercials entertain you

Commercials are surely not the part of the game, but it entertains you when the game is not played. As NFL is immensely popular, there are hoards of commercials aired while the show is on. There are different kinds of commercials, and some of them are new also. It adds some spice to the game of football.

If you have a dream team, then while watching the NFL on TV, you get all the information and statistics of your favorite players. It is obvious you are concerned about the real team playing on the ground, but also about the team you dream of.


NFL has the best commentators to keep you interested even in the dull moments. They host pregame, half time shows, and post-game shows. Joe Buck, Terry Bradshaw, Phil Simms, and Greg Gumbel are commentators of exceptional skill and keep you on your toes with their wit and analytical review of the game. No other sports have game analysis like NFL football.

Weekly Game

Some may love to watch their favorite team play numerous times in a week. But it becomes impossible to keep up with the updates if they play so many times in a week. You knew in NFL, your team will be playing once in a week it may be, Sunday, Monday, or Thursday, and plan your schedule accordingly. You also have to earn your bread and butter. Having a weekly game, it becomes more interesting, alluring, and entertaining to catch up with your favorite team.

Watch it more closely

Hit between DeSean Jackson and Dunta Robinson still lingers in one’s memory, and you may think it all happened in front of your eyes in your living room than on the ground. The audiovisual effect of modern television is fantastic and mind-blowing. You can watch those actions of a home run or throwing down a dunk more closely and distinctly.A TV is a better way of watching the game in the comfort of your house.


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