In sports betting, most players make use of strategies. Some players feel betting depends on luck. This reasoning is erroneous. Experienced sports bettors rely on proven sports betting strategies while the pros even calculate the possible returns to be acquired before playing. You can try out a Trixie bet calculator on, where there is also a great how-to guide as well.

What is a Trixie bet?

A Trixie bet is a betting strategy which is made up of 4 bets on three selections. This is a multiple bet strategy which includes 3 double bets together with one treble. The number of successful selections and their odds determine the amount to be won from using a Trixie bet. Trixie bets are commonly patronized due to their heightened possibility of achieving returns since you do not need all your selections to win. 

Using a Trixie bet calculator

When calculating your Trixie bets, you can simply add together the returns of each double or treble bets that have been successful. You’ll have to get a minimum of 2 winners to generate any returns. However, since not everyone is so good with calculations, this is where the Trixie bet system is favourable. You need not even calculate the possible returns of your Trixie bets yourself; all you’ve got to do is fill in the required numbers. This is the major advantage of using the Trixie bet system.

Features of a Trixie bet calculator

When using a Trixie bet calculator, you’re allowed to:

  • Make the number of selections you want. 
  • Enter the amount you wish to stake
  • Select the preferable format for your odds (could be Fraction, Decimal or American)
  • Use the Each Way option
  • Use Rule 4 or not

You’re also able to fill in the possible 3 outcomes and the odds of each which are displayed in your selected format.

After filling in the required details, the automated Trixie bet calculator displays the accurate outcome of the bets you wish to place, showing you the total amount staked, the total returns as well as the total amount made as profit.

Note, the Trixie bet calculator on some sites may have slightly differing features, nonetheless, they produce the same accurate results. Bettors in major leagues such as the NHL, NBA and others take full advantage of the Trixie bet formula. 

Reasons to make use of the Trixie bet calculator

  • ACCURACY: As a sports bettor, apart from the excitement of sports betting, your main goal is to earn profitable returns. No one really bets just to drop their money for the sportsbooks, every sports bettor wants something more. It’s basically an investment you’re making, hoping to reap great returns and there’s no better way of knowing how much you’re likely to gain than to use an automated system as it’s error-free. Relying on the automated Trixie bet calculator provides you the exact possible returns you are to get when successful. This saves sports bettors from carrying out any calculations which are prone to errors.


  • INSTANT: Apart from the accuracy of the results, Trixie bet calculators are swift in response thanks to their automation. You need not spend up to a minute in finding out what your possible winnings will be. In less than a minute, the possible winnings of your Trixie bet are displayed on your screen.



  • FREE: It’s almost unbelievable that such a feature which provides you with accurate and instant results is free, right? Well, it is. When you wish to make use of the Trixie bet calculator, you need not purchase a special app before benefiting from this calculator. It’s easily accessible with a simple internet search of “Trixie bet” or “Trixie bet calculator”. They are widely available on various sports betting websites, which make available similar or slightly different forms of “Trixie bet calculators”.


Conclusion: Learn the Use of the Trixie Bet for More Profit

As a sports bettor, you should avail yourself of this great opportunity, as shown from this study. Firstly, playing with the Trixie bet strategy already increases your possibility of having returns on the amount you stake. Secondly, since this strategy comes with an automated calculator, you instantly know the accurate returns of the bets you wish to make. And don’t forget: please only bet at sportsbooks licensed by the MGA or UK Gambling Commission