Wife of Boxer Dadashev Reveals Her ‘Warrior’ Husband Had A Complication During Fight

“Do you want to know what true grit, and strength of mind and the highest will to win is? What it means to be a warrior, a warrior of life?” Elizaveta wrote. “Rewatch this fight and know, that when you ask yourself the question: ‘how did Max, with his level of defense, get hit with so many punches?’, that according to the doctor that operated on him, he had already suffered a stroke and continued to fight.” She continued: “While experiencing the most inhumane pain and losing his orientation, he did not quit, he rose from his knees a million times from the blows of fate, kept moving forward, and never gave up!”

Elizaveta earlier paid tribute to her husband on Wednesday, posting a touching family photo with the caption: “My love! You are forever in my heart, my soul is breaking from the pain of being without you! The most difficult time for our family has begun.”

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