Even if you don’t like it, you have to admit that Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley will fight each other on August 28th later on this year. When he was in town for his brother’s upcoming boxing contest against former UFC welterweight champion Woodley, Jake met face-to-face with his next adversary.

Woodley enters the bout as an underdog and you can find odds on him winning priced at around -145. Jake Paul is the favorite with the ผลบอลสดวันนี้ of his odds priced at -175.

Tyron Woodley is well known for his striking strength, as he has knocked out several opponents in his career. Tyrone Woodley no longer looks like the guy who used to put people to sleep.  In the last three years, he has not emerged victorious in a battle. When you look at the history of the 40-year-old fighter who used to be a UFC champion, it is difficult to believe he’s not the favorite this time around.

Woodley is making his Boxing debut which is another one of the reasons why he is the underdog in the fight. In the three years before that, he was the UFC welterweight champion, defeating Stephen Thompson, Robbie Lawler, Darren Till, and Demian Maia.

Increasing the stakes was at one point a part of Paul’s proposal. Paul’s latest offer? Paul will offer Woodley an extra 100% of his purse if he defeats him. Paul winning would force Woodley to donate his whole wallet to Paul’s charity. Tyron did not reject or accept the offer.

When Woodley’s former boss, UFC President Dana White said “You tell me when is the last time you saw Woodley look like Woodley, (but) I’d have to go with Woodley by knockout,” White said. “Listen, man. Woodley should knock him out. But, again, the Tyron Woodley that you talk about, that was the champ, isn’t the same f*cking guy he was four years ago.”

After many welterweight mixed martial arts (MMA) fights, former UFC fighter Ben Askren accepted a bout on April 17th against Paul. It was a boxing contest that Paul won by first-round knockout. That was the first time that Paul and Woodley had met as Woodley was in the corner for his former teammate Ben Askren. 

Paul won his third fight in three professional boxing contests with this victory. Additionally, he also TKO’d two additional opponents: Nate Robinson, a retired NBA player, and popular YouTuber Ali Eson Gib.

As of March 2020, Woodley, 39, has not contested as a UFC fighter since he’s a free agent and had departed the organization soon after. When it became clear that he was about to be fired from his longtime employment, his departure occurred soon after he lost four straight fights.

It is not yet known where the Showtime fight between Paul and Woodley will be held, but it is being shown on pay-per-view.

The Showtime event between Paul and Woodley does not yet have an officially announced location, but streams on pay-per-view.