The Money Fight which took place last year August saw two of the best fighters battle it out for bragging rights. Floyd Mayweather showed Connor McGregor who is king of boxing.

That night McGregor’s professional boxing debut went down the drain. He suffered a TKO on the tenth round from Mayweather. However, McGregor did show some skills that night, and maybe if he did not succumb to fatigue things would have been different.

So, will Mayweather to take on McGregor again and be able to defeat him? To answer that, we will have to take a look at a few things that has happened before the match.

A Look at the Events Since the Start of 2018

If you have been hooked on to the MMA fights, you would know that this was one fight that was long due. Every fan knew that it would happen sooner than later.

Since the beginning of the year, McGregor has claimed that there are talks for a rematch. However, it seems the talks have been futile since Mayweather has decided to stick to retirement. McGregor has continuously tried to call him out so that Floyd can try his hand in MMA.

In the recent days, things have gone a bit further when this two have decided to throw jabs on each other. It is more than clear that they are stalking each other on Twitter and Instagram. But we can all remember that the Money Fight began this way.

Mayweather has decided to stay in retirement indefinitely. During an interview with TMZ Mayweather decided to give his gym membership to McGregor. The later was facing Khabib Nurmagodev for the UFC lightweight championship October 10. And luckily McGregor walked out champion since Nurmagodev submitted in the fourth round.

A lot of Mayweather fans believe McGregor started this beef again so that he could generate more publicity. Moreover, it is said that McGregor was looking to generate more pay per views for his MMA fight with Nurmagodev. It is reported that the fight purchased 2.4m views.

A Look at McGregor’s Career Till Now

McGregor is a competitor who has always sought for rematches once he loses. In 2016, he got his rematch with Diaz after a defeat. This is what made him more determined to face Nurmagodev in a cage. He handed the later his first career loss and got back the UFC lightweight championship.

A lot of fans are eager to know if “Money” will fight at cage side at UFC 229. There have been two videos going around of Mayweather working out in an MMA cage. Mayweather was recorded saying that if he were to fight in an MMA fight bit would be at Octagon.

But looking closely at the last 15 matches Mayweather fought, they all took in his hometown. And it would probably still be in a boxing ring. McGregor definitely would want another shot at the best boxer of this the generation. But the question remains would Mayweather consider a rematch?