From Aristocrat slots to other games of small providers, every gambling developer is now focusing on developing games for mobile users. Why every casino and provider is trying to attract these users? Clearly, that is so because it is rising in popularity. There was a time when even PC gambling seemed too good to be true, but now, that era has passed.

In this article, you will find out why playing for money on mobiles is more popular than on PCs and whether it will be able to overtake the latter or not. 

Why Is Gambling on Mobiles More Popular?

There are many reasons behind the huge popularity of gaming on mobiles. One big reason is the popularity of gadgets themselves. Since the arrival of smartphones, the ability to play games anywhere has attracted many people. The daily time US Millennials spend on using mobiles has grown from 107 minutes in 2012 to 223 in 2017. There are also some other reasons for the rising popularity of mobile gambling which we have discussed below.

Gambling on the Go

Mobiles enable you to play your favourite gambling titles at any location at any time. This is a huge advantage because with a PC, you cannot gamble when you are waiting in a line or travelling. Gambling on mobiles lets you try video slots, table titles and all other options from any location. You can pass your time and avoid boredom. 

The ability to play at any time was the main reason why PC casinos surpassed the land-based ones. Now, the additional ability to play from anywhere can help playing at casinos on mobiles in surpassing PC gaming.

Similar Experience

You will not miss out on many games or facilities when you play on the mobile platform. In fact, you can get a few exclusive deals and features for playing on a smartphone or tablet. The layout of the casinos’ websites and the gaming titles do not change much when you play on a small screen. Thanks to responsive designs, there are no particular differences between PC and mobile casinos in terms of functionality.

As players do not lose any particular facilities while switching from PCs to mobiles, they do not see any reasons to play on PCs. Many major gambling platforms now let players use their one account on multiple devices. This means you will not lose your casino balance or statistics when you switch devices. 

Easier to Play

For playing a game on PCs, you need to use a mouse and a keyboard. With mobiles, you can play most of the slots or table titles with a thumb. The layout of mobile gambling sites is also easier to follow with visible buttons, better scrolls and one-finger interaction. 

Moreover, you keep your phone by your side all the time. It rarely happens for a person to stay away from one’s phone for too long. When you have your device always by your side, taking some time to play a video slot will not be a hassle. Playing for money on mobiles always stays within reach, enabling you to enjoy small gambling sessions. 

Less Data Consumption

Thanks to HTML5 and JS technology, you can play your favourite titles without spending much data. Unlike PCs, you do not need to download any software to gamble. If a casino offers its mobile app, it will not take much space in your device. This means you will not have to spend much data in order to gamble online.

HTML5 games take as little as a few MBs (less than 5) per gaming session. You get such economical experience without compromising with the audio or visual quality. Take a look at some of the most popular mobile titles such as Gonzo’s Quest and Alien, and you will see that you get an amazing experience with low data consumption. 

Data Availability

Apart from the popularity of mobiles, the availability of data has also increased substantially. You can get Wi-Fi in your Uber cab or in Mcdonald’s. You can also use your office or home Internet connection. 

Combine this presence of data with the portability of smartphones and tablets, and you get to access online casinos 24/7 without spending much time or effort. 

Apart from the reasons above, mobile casinos offer exclusive deals, live playing, free play and multiple easy-to-use payment methods. All of these features make mobile casinos more popular than PC ones. 


It is clear that mobile gambling will surpass the PC one in the near future. Mobile phones are cheaper to buy than a desktop or laptop. Due to the rising popularity of these devices, falling prices of data plans and the advancement of technologies, the growth of gaming on mobiles has become inevitable.