Last year saw online casino operator 888 sponsor the New York Jets, a National Football League team. This allows the popular gambling operator to acquire the use of the team’s logo and branding for the materials the operator requires to market their oeuvre. Just about anywhere from the Jets digital platforms down to radio advertisements during game day. 

The Million Dollar Question

Thus, the million-dollar question stands: Will popular football teams follow suit? 

At the moment, the traditional casino industry has seen a decline caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Online casinos are keeping the industry alive though; there are still Megaways slots and betting can be done through eSports matches. 

A black swan event like the COVID-19 outbreak is another factor that sports teams and managements have to mull over. The race for a vaccine is in the works, but this can mean waiting for a good while before everybody can be completely safe to participate in sports again. Due to the lack of betting sources for traditional sports, many bookies have resorted to promoting eSports in this time. 

Dec 22, 2019; East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA; New York Jets safety Marcus Maye (20) breaks up a pass in the end zone intended for Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver James Washington (13) during the fourth quarter at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Advantages

Taking sponsorship deals from casino operators offers benefits not only for the operator but the team as well. Here are some of the more popular advantages of such deals. 

More Awareness of the Sport

The Jets surely benefited from the 888 deal since the team was instrumental in familiarizing more people, specifically bettors, with the way the sport works. Nearly people from all over the world, from all walks of life, are aware of the NFL. By making a deal with a popular gambling operator, regular bettors who have never followed football may finally become fans of the game.

If lots of sponsorship deals between betting operators and football teams push through, more benefits will be acquired not only by the operator but the team as well. 

More Exposure for Betting Brands

Deals done with a popular football team means instant exposure for the betting brand. Apart from the additional profits that they can get with such opportunities, it will make the whole industry more prominent in the eyes of the teams’ followers. Sports betting is already an immense force in the gambling business both traditional and online. The added exposure will make this specific component of the gambling business develop even further. 

Better, Improved Rules for Players

Not everyone is keen on the idea of sponsorship between gambling operator’s and well-known sports teams. However, this whole sponsorship deal angle eventually leads to stricter rules implemented on the team’s players. This is especially true during the NBA and MGM deal. Management decided to apply sterner rules for players during games. 

Players are always assessed for any dubious activity related to wagering patterns throughout the game. Players are also monitored for throwing wagers on matches that they are currently engaged with. These measures were put into action in the hopes that there won’t be any corruption happening within the game which unfortunately sports betting can bring about.