The recent NBA seasons have been perfect for the Lakers so far (if we do not mention coronavirus which has temporarily halted the season, but people anticipate it will still be finished). The team is leading the Eastern Conference and has the best result(49-14) after Milwaukee Bucks.

One of the main drivers for the team’s recent success is an addition of Anthony Davis in the summer transfer window. The Lakers already had in its roster probably one of the greatest players of all time – Lebron James. The King himself expressed willingness several times to play alongside Davis. The former first pick was the soul and body for the New Orleans Pelicans. He was looking for a new challenge and transfer to Lakers was definitely the right choice.

The appointment of Frank Vogel, who is considered a defensive specialist, was also a reasonable move. In recent years, the team struggled with coaches. Luke Walton, Byron Scott, Mike D’Antoni – none of them looked appropriate for the team. However, Frank Vogel created a very solid defense and if we take a look at the starting lineup, which includes Danny Green, Avery Bradley, and JaVale McGee, besides James and Davis, all of them are great personal defenders.

An excellent playing form of the team attracted supporters not only in the United States but in Canada as well. It should be pointed out that Lakers enjoys considerable support in Canada. The support resulted in the gambling industry as well. Given the team’s recent results, a lot of online betting websites that also provide casino services started to offer casino deposit bonus Canada designed especially for people, who were betting on Lakers. This was mainly to encourage more people to support the Lakers and also to appease loyal fans. No surprise, because when you have a player like Lebron James in your squad and are Lakers, which is probably one of the best teams in history alongside Boston, plenty of people will become your supporters.

What spot will the Lakers take in the Eastern Conference?

It is highly likely that Laker will go to the playoffs via the first place. Another Los-Angeles based team Clippers looks to be challenging for the first spot, but Lakers probably will not give up it. In the first round of the playoffs, the Lakers should not have any difficulty.

The main test awaits in the next stage. At some point, the Lakers will face the Clippers. The latter has a decent squad. Only mentioning Kawhi Leonard and Paul George should be enough, let alone Montrezl Harrell and Lou Williams who have a significant impact from the bench. The Lakers struggled with the Clippers several times this season and should improve more to reach the Superfinals. I would give 50/50 chances to the Lakers.

If the Lakers go to the NBA Finals, most likely it will face Milwaukee Bucks. I cannot imagine any other team in the Eastern Conference, challenging Milwaukee to reach Finals. The Bucks are playing phenomenal basketball, with Giannis Antetokounmpo sitting in the driver’s seat. James also does not have good statistics in Finals, having lost 6 out of 9. If they want the desired result, then both James and Davis must average at least 25 points per game.


To summarize, the Lakers’ chances look very promising this season. The team has depth in the roster, which has not been seen in recent years and has a coach who knows how to play good defensive basketball. If Anthony Davis manages to get through the playoffs without injuries(and we know he is inclined to it), then Lakers will have decent chances to win its first championship title since 2010 and honor Kobe Bryant’s legacy.