There is no denying the fact that television occupies a central place in every American home and serves as a gateway for offering endless entertainment. People love to declutter their minds and relax while munching their favorite snacks as they get comfy on the couch and tune into their favorite TV show. With smartphones and laptops taking over the world by storm, TV remains strong and is here to stay, though the way people watch TV nowadays has changed. While cable TV providers like Cox cable have been ruling the hearts of Americans with the most promising and customizable offers at cheaper rates, YouTube is another champion around. 

Being the most popular video streaming platform, without a doubt, YouTube enjoys a massive following of around 2 billion users that love watching their favorite content. Recently, YouTube has acquired the status of a search engine just like Google. So, when the question arises, will YouTube be replacing TV in the coming years, it is a tough call. We also saw YouTube releasing its streaming service that has all it takes to impress the viewers and offer the finest content watching experience. 

This is why we see YouTube and TV competing in the market like never before. You can catch up on all the thrill and excitement of watching your favorite content for free on YouTube and even subscribe to its premium plan for greater benefits. Having said that, let us dig deeper to find out if YouTube will actually be able to replace the TV in near future. Dive in!

The Hype of YouTube TV

The streaming television service offered by YouTube is known as YouTube TV. It digitally distributes live TV content from the top cable and broadcast networks across the US. Not just that, you also get to enjoy entertaining content from all the YouTube content creators. 

YouTube TV differs from YouTube. Unlike YouTube, you have to properly subscribe and pay a certain monthly fee for accessing YouTube TV. YouTube, on the other hand, is free of cost to stream different videos. Moreover, YouTube TV has a well-defined channel lineup for you, so it is more like watching TV but on the internet. 


While YouTube is free, YouTube TV comes at a price of around $65 per month. If compared to a regular cable TV package, it still costs much less. Also, there are no hassles regarding equipment, cable box, rental fee, or installation, etc. when you are subscribing to YouTube TV. 

Another good thing about YouTube TV that gives it an edge over regular cable TV plans is that it comes with a no-contract policy. This means that the viewers can cancel their YouTube TV subscription anytime without any fuss of paying early termination charges. 

What to expect from a YouTube TV subscription?

With a YouTube membership, you can catch up with some of your favorite channels that offer live streaming. The channel lineups include the top lifestyle channels, news channels, kids’ entertainment, and most of the popular ones you would want to watch. You can even hide the channels that you do not find interesting.

Coming to the add-ons, you can also avail of premium subscriptions to HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, or CINEMAX, etc. as a cherry on top of your base plan. Generally speaking, YouTube TV provides more than 80 channels to brighten your TV screens along with your moods and is more than enough to satisfy your entertainment needs. 

Apart from that, local channels are also available along with the broadcast networks. Sports fans need not fret since YouTube TV has it covered for you. Yes, you can watch all your desired sports matches on your favorite sports networks. 

How to Access YouTube Content?

Well, unlike cable TV that restricts you to your TV screens and hinders your mobility, YouTube TV is more flexible in that regard. Owing to your busy routines and hectic schedules, YouTube TV provides you the ease of enjoying your favorite entertainment on the go. Being compatible with multiple devices, YouTube TV can be enjoyed on Android smartphones, tablets, Apple smartphones, Amazon Fire devices, Roku devices, and many more. Thus, it offers an enhanced and more convenient TV watching experience. 

Will YouTube Take Over Cable TV?

Considering the aforementioned discussion, and what it has to offer to the viewers, it will not be wrong to say that YouTube TV does seem to be the future of watching TV. Therefore, it is likely that it might replace cable TV in the coming years. With the massive channel lineup, affordability, no-contract policy, and an unlimited DVR facility, YouTube may take over the market. We cannot predict if it will completely eradicate cable TV from the face of the earth. That is yet to be seen. But, the competition between the two sure is high!