There has never been a better time to be an NFL fan than right now. That is so because the level of engagement with American football has never been as robust, chiefly thanks to the rise of sports betting on US soil, which is an activity that allows for added thrills during any game from America’s National Football League. Naturally, it can add an exciting boost to the most popular sporting event of any year, the Super Bowl. According to the AGA (American Gaming Association), last year, over thirty-one million American wagered on the NFL final between the LA Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, and this year, even more, get expected to lay down hard-earned cash on Super Bowl 58, now that this pastime is legal in over thirty states.

However, a new type of betting has recently emerged online for football fans, previously restricted to bars and office spaces. That is the implementation of football pools, on which wagering enthusiasts can make a square bet. Note that this is more of a luck-based gambling system than a skill-based one, and its purpose is to make football games more enjoyable to view. No one needs to calculate odds or know the teams participating in a match in-depth to enjoy this option. It is a rudimentary betting approach designed to give lay fans added NFL thrills, particularly during Super Bowl Sunday.

How Do Super Bowl Squares Work

Also referred to as football boxes, or a football pool, football squares are a method of making bets for groups of individuals using a simple X-Y axis. A host/organizer writes down bettors’ names into a specific number of squares these gamblers purchased, with their initials occupying them. At the conclusion of a game’s quarter, the person whose bought square corresponds to the result on the scoreboard wins. Concerning Super Bowl squares, a quarter’s winner customarily gets given a quarter of the prize pool.

To further simply explain this betting form, it is best to say that the last digit of each quarter’s score correlates to a position on the board, with these figures acting as coordinates. For example, if the score is 18-14, the person that bought the 8-4 spot on the X-Y axis wins. The size of the grids in play often depends on the number of players participating in a round. In standard Super Bowl squares, a 10×10 layout gets used, as this is the simplest way this game can function since the numbers of a football score can end in a range between zero and nine. Vaster grids require more complicated systems. These can be complex for newbies to this luck-based gambling genre to grasp.

Super Bowl Squares Strategies

Naturally, given that sporting events are unpredictable, there is no fool-proof method for betting on squares that can guarantee a consistent stream of payouts. Moreover, in some football squares games, grid positions get assigned at random, making it impossible for hard and fast rules to exist linked to this betting category.

The best approach is to factor in likely scoring scenarios and bookie odds. For instance, five is a number that most gamblers should avoid when gambling on Super Bowl squares because few contexts exist that can lead to this score, often requiring multiple plays for a team to arrive at this number. Thus, it is better to buy squares with a zero, three, or seven, as statistics show that games, on average, are most likely to end with a score whose final or only number is a zero, three, or seven.

Where to Play Super Bowl Squares Online

Various apps on Google Play get listed that supply for-fun-only Super Bowl squares entertainment. For real money fun, gambling lovers should navigate to premium internet sportsbooks like MyBookie that run Super Bowl squares contests with reward pools up to $50,000. Aside from this noted offshore bookie, others similar to it worth exploring include BetUS, BetOnline, and Bovada.

General Gambling Tips

As a rule of thumb, no gambler should overstep his means. That entails creating a budget before each wagering session and sticking to it. Those who know their impulses can get the better of them should look to play online at operators that feature responsible gambling options. These are profile functions that let sportsbook users set deposit, loss, and session limits, activate cooling-off periods, and self-exclude. Such measures allow people not to over-engage in their betting hobby and only wager what they can afford to lose.

To Sum Up

Super Bowl squares are the ideal gambling pick for non-experienced bettors who want to get an added thrill while watching the NFL championship game. These betting pools can get run by friends or enjoyed over the internet via dedicated mobile software or at high-end internationally-regulated sportsbooks. Regarding real money action, the latter is always the wisest choice, and reputable operators never short-change their customers when it comes to payouts, as doing so can drastically affect their reputations and bottom lines.