Free agent Richie Incognito’s behavior this off-season has been increasingly bizarre.  It started with him announcing his retirement and then asking to be released.

Now he’s being arrested for threatening funeral workers after asking them to cut his father’s head off.

Via St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Witnesses at the funeral home told police that Incognito wanted them to cut his dead dad’s head off for research purposes and Incognito punched caskets, threw pamphlets around and took an urn from a shelf and slammed it down on top of a casket.

Two mortuary employees took cover in a room downstairs before police arrived and arrested Incognito.

It might be time to get Richie some professional help.  It’s not normal to get arrested for threatening funeral employees.  

It’s beyond not normal to ask funeral employees to cut your dead parent’s head off.  Let’s hope Richie doesn’t end up hurting somebody or himself.