Deontay Wilder has a baby daughter with his fiancee Telli Swift. 

He also has another daughter named Naieya.

Wilder has a total of four children, Naieya, Ava, Dereon and Deontay Jr.  

The mother of Naieya looks to be a mystery, or people confuse the mother to be Jessica Scales, or even Telli Swift. 

That’s completely wrong according to this woman, who is claiming to be the mother of his daughter Naieya. 

Check out the post below: 

This is heartbreaking. 

A mother so desperate to be recognized as being the mother of her very own daughter. 

Hopefully Deontay can set the record straight.

No reason for there to be so much misinformation out there. 

Check out more pics of Deontay Wilder’s alleged mother of his daughter below: 

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