We received an email on Monday night that claimed to be from a woman who said she had a one night stand with Patriots receiver Julian Edelman.  

When we asked them to DM us from their Instagram account so we could confirm we had the correct one, we never heard back from them.

So we found the Instagram account in question and reached out ourselves.  

She did not deny seeing the Super Bowl MVP at the club that night, but does deny hooking up with him.  

Here is some of our DM exchange and her denial (we’ve removed her name at her request):

Since receiving the initial email on Monday, we’ve received multiple other tips that says she hooked up with Edelman.  

While we have to admit some of the “evidence” is quite compelling, we don’t actually know what happened, and have to take her word for it. 

What we do know is that she is clearly not the one who sent out the email we received and she is adamant that nothing happened.

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