Sharks left winger Evander Kane is being sued by a woman after she had three abortions and was promised $3 million to do so.  The woman had the last abortion, the one she was promised the money for, in June and was never paid.

Via TMZ Sports:

Doe claims Kane got her pregnant in 2016 — but they both agreed to get an abortion.

They continued to have a sexual relationship and he knocked her up again in 2017. Doe claims Kane pressured her to abort again because a baby would damage his hockey career … and also ruin the relationship he had with his official “girlfriend.”

The woman ultimately agreed to a 2nd abortion.

Then in May 2018, Doe claims Kane got her pregnant for a 3rd time — even though she had used Plan B as a last-ditch attempt at birth control.

The 27-year-old should have paid up if he didn’t want this to get out.  Now everyone knows he bribed a woman into having an abortion.  That has to be much worse for his career than a baby would be.

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