The FIFA world cup is around the corner and Qatar is going to host it. Since there are few favorites to win the trophy to win the world cup but still some of the giants have been handed tougher challenges than other teams. Having all the ratings and rankings, there are more than three to four teams that draw the attention of the soccer pundits. They are the clear favorite to lift the prestigious trophy.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be televised live across FOX Sports (English-language) and Telemundo (Spanish-language). Check This World Cup 2022 Online A-Z Streaming Guide.

In recent times, some of the favorite teams have been struggling in their friendly matches but still, soccer fans have hope in them. Though the results are strange still they are capable of spectacular performance and chances are to return to the game.

Word Cup Ranking 2022

  1. Brazil
  2. France
  3. Argentina
  4. Belgium
  5. Germany
  6. England
  7. Spain
  8. Portugal
  9. Netherlands 
  10. Uruguay
  11. Denmark
  12. Senegal 
  13. Switzerland 
  14. Croatia
  15. South Korea 
  16. USA
  17. Serbia
  18. Ecuador 
  19. Mexico
  20. Wales 
  21. Poland
  22. Morocco
  23. Canada
  24. Iran
  25. Cameroon
  26. Japan
  27. Qatar
  28. Saudi Arabia
  29. Ghana
  30. Costa Rica/New Zealand
  31. Tunisia 
  32. Australia/Peru

Favorite Teams to Win the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Qatar is hosting the 2022 soccer world cup in September. There are a number of teams gearing up to win this prestigious cup and they are readying themselves to showcase their best performance in this upcoming global event.

Here is a list of the favorite teams that soccer fans around the globe have approved.

  1. Brazil

Brazil is warming itself to repeat the 2002 world cup glory. It is stronger and coordinated compared to what it was two decades ago. The team consists of young and energetic players who can deliver spectacular results.

  1. France

France is another favorite team that has been well practiced and thoroughly built up the team with the fusion of young and experienced players. Since this team has included Kylian Mbappe and Paul Pogba, the team spirit is high and they are gearing up to lift the world cup trophy.

  1. England

England had to return from the semi-finals in the year 2018 world cup and to avenge this defeat, the team is completely ready. The extraordinary players with world-class coaching have possibly floated their wishes to lift the prestigious world cup.