TMZ Sports chatted with WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler at NYCC and asked him about recently attending a rally for United States President Donald Trump in Mississippi on Tuesday. According to Lawler, he received hate mail for attending the event.

Lawler commented on attending the rally, stating, “Well, it’s funny. Donald Trump was in right near Memphis, our hometown, and we were asked by some people to go to the rally, and I went and unbelievably received from some social media, some actual hate mail, just for going to the rally of Donald Trump.”

Lawler went on to say he was just going there to see a fellow WWE Hall of Famer, adding, “But I want to tell everybody; I wasn’t going there to see the President, I was going to see a fellow WWE Hall of Famer. That’s all.”

When Lawler was asked if he thought President Trump could someday return to WWE and get into the ring, Lawler said, “I wouldn’t doubt it. He did pretty good the first time.”