Being busy in our hectic routines, we should take care of our health. For this, we have to take exercise daily. Our fitness and health don’t depend on that we exercise daily. It does depend on the intensity of that exercise. For keep a check on ourselves and on our fitness and health we need a device that tell us about the intensity of each and every exercise. A heart rate monitor is actually a pacer that tells you about the beating rate of your heart and tells you that whether your heart is functioning properly or not which is determined by the heart rate per minute. These heart rate monitors record the rate by several sense areas on the body such as on chest or on the wrist. You can get the more info about these monitors by reading further.

There are several types of the heart rate monitor such as chest band monitor, it has a band that goes around your chest, it detects the pulse electronically and then sends these signals to another band that goes around your wrist. But the best one is wrist heart rate monitor that detects the pulse from your wrist. However, they are slightly less accurate but the accurateness depends upon the model of the wrist heart rate monitor. The more is the modern model, the more is the accurateness. The persons who are recreational exercisers can take a lot of benefit from it. Runners can estimate their pace and their performance. Athletes can also use it. Lets discuss the top quality wrist heart rate monitors.

Fitbit Inspire HR

This Fitbit heart rate monitor is the best because it detects all kinds of changes in the fitness of a person from heart rate to steps. It provides you with the opportunity to overview your heart rate at regular intervals so you can check whether you are getting fitter or not. It is also the cheapest one.

Polar Ignite

It has a special design that goes around your wrist to check your pulse properly. At night it detects the pulse by heart rate monitor to check the variability and the fitness of your heart. You can easily sleep while wearing it, so in the next morning, it tells you about the performance of your heart overnight and how well you slept the whole night, so you can plan your workout of that day according to it. If you are keen to plan your workout daily according to the performance of your heart, then this is the best option for you.

Apple watch series 4

This is the latest and the best of the apple series. It has many features. It can detect the pulse of your heart all the day long and tells you if it detects any abnormality in the activity of the heart, so if you feel any ups or downs, then you can take this information to your doctor. It also tells you how much time you take to recover from your workout. One of the best features of it is that it also has the capability to take the electrocardiogram so you can easily check the performance of different events of the blood circulation.

Garmin forerunner 235

It is the best choice for the runners because besides measuring the pulse of the heart, it also measures the footsteps and the calories burned. You can also view the weather forecast by connecting the wireless feature. However, one of its drawbacks is that it is slow to sync with mobile phones.

Bowflex strapless water-resistant EZ Pro watch

It is actually two in one package because besides recording your pulse, it also tells you the accurate time. It looks like a normal watch on your wrist. It normally displays the time all day, but when you exercise or when you use the touch display, it will tell you about your heart rate and the performance of your heart