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. First birdie ever & you get to witness the cocky 1st shot in it’s entirety. Lucky you.😜 . Learning to play golf over the past few months has really reminded me that you can UTTERLY SUCK at something & if you keep going back CONSISTENTLY to learn, it’s possible to suck less & less. . Clearly I’ve got a long way to go but if you saw how many damn balls I completely missed 3 months ago you would probably go out right now and start doing something you suck at with clear intent to get better. . I tell ppl all the time that consistency is the key to getting healthier, losing weight, getting stronger, really doing anything and I’m still actually floored right now at how it’s building my confidence in a game so difficult & foreign to me. . Goal: to suck LESS and less at ANYTHING by coming back for more & trying to learn even when it’s embarrassing & feels like nothing changes. . I’m certain that I’ll continue sucking at many things (including golf) but that will never take away the DETERMINATION to keep showing up & sucking less each time. . Hope you can insert yourself here & start trying something no matter how bad you suck. ✌🏽🤷🏼‍♀️

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Not too bad for a new golfer. 

Pre shot was a bit unorthodox, but hey,  whatever works.  

You can check out more Torrie in the gallery below:  

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