Bret Hart accused the widow of his brother of completely separating herself from the company, while the WWE has kept his brother out of their Hall of Fame and off its merchandising as well.

Martha Hart, Owen’s wife, reportedly was awarded $18 million in a settlement with the company over her husband’s death.  

“I think Martha, Owen’s widow, she’s a very obtuse, square-headed person. I think she’s done more to erase my brother Owen’s memory than she ever did to remember him,” Hart said on CBS Sports’ “In This Corner” podcast. I think it really bothers me that the fans that loved Owen so much didn’t get a chance to remember him. You do these kind of things for people are here, left to remember them.

“I mean Owen, it would never matter to him if he was in the Hall of Fame but I think that you know it would mean a lot to different family members in my family. I know Mark Henry as an example gave a strong speech or talk this year about getting Owen into the Hall of Fame and I totally agree,” Hart said.

Hart also questioned what the WWE Hall of Fame really means, noting that The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith and Demolition weren’t inducted, while Dynamite Kid is.

“You look at some of the people in the Hall of Fame and some of these celebrities in there and Owen to me personally not being in the Hall Of Fame, there’s a lot of people who belong in the Hall of Fame who are not in it,” Hart said.

“If it turns out that the WWE is going to keep becoming Hall of Fame that caters to suck-ups and people that are in the company that they owe a favor to who never contributed to the business as wrestlers I question the whole Hall of Fame itself and I wonder if there will ever be a real Hall Of Fame that caters to just the wrestlers for their contributions.”

Hart was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006.