Will he or won’t he play? That’s the big question. 

The man formerly known as Johnny Football, has played in three different professional football leagues, starting in the NFL before going go Canada to play in the CFL.

After getting dismissed from that league, he joined the Alliance of American Football, before the league folded. 

Via USA Today

“There are a lot of guys that played in the AAF and played all seven games or whatever they had. We didn’t invite them here because we’ve got enough tape on them,” Luck told USA Today. “So Johnny has some tape, right? Whether it’s Canada—and we have two coaches from the CFL, [Marc] Trestman and June Jones. Or there’s college. What he did obviously in the NFL.

“If eight guys say, ‘we’d like that guy in the league,’ we’ll put him in the league. Or put him in the draft pool. Whether teams draft him, that’s up to the individual head coaches.”

“Well, I don’t know that yet,” XFL commissioner Oliver Luck told USA TODAY Sports on Saturday. “That remains to be seen.”

A football league like the XFL could certainly use a guy like Johnny Manziel. 

Maybe he was born to be an XFL star?

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