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Alive for a quarter century… sheesh I’m old. As I reflect on my 25 years, I can’t help but be so thankful for all the twists and turns life has thrown at me, especially the hard times. The most valuable truth I’ve ever learned is the fact that the best lessons learned are during the toughest times when we are being stretched and tested. Sometimes it’s the the scariest damn thing in the world, but learning to face fear is so important. I still struggle with that. But the truth is, the biggest blessings are on the other side of fear. It breaks my heart when people are afraid to be themselves. Sometimes I felt like that during my years of growing into who I am now, but as I’m breaking through fear, I’m discovering who I am more each and every day. I’m discovering hidden talents and abilities that I had no idea that I had in me. All it took was a push from God out of the comfort zone and into the growing zone. Cheers to 25.🥂🍾

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