Reds rightfielder Yasiel Puig was suspended for two games for “aggressive actions” during a bench clearing incident against the Pirates over the weekend.  He was asked by reporters on Wednesday why he didn’t appeal the suspension.

Puig, who has been suspended before for a similar incident, said that he didn’t want to talk to MLB’s Chief Baseball Officer, Joe Torre, again.


Puig didn’t appeal the suspension Tuesday because he didn’t think it would change anything. 

“I don’t want to talk to Joe Torre again because he’s going to have his point, I’m going to have my point, and he thinks everything is explained for what he does,” Puig said. “I’m not going to do nothing about that. He suspends me 2-3 days. He’s the boss. We only take the days because we’re going to be on the phone for two hours and nothing is going to work.”

It makes sense.  Torre’s not going to change his mind and Puig obviously has no plans to change his behavior, so why waste everyone’s time? 

It might be the smartest thing Puig has ever said.  Now if we can just get him to stop licking his bat, he might have a few more moments of clarity. 

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