This is just too funny. Fans in the Masters gallery who yell obscene phrases, like “Dilly Dilly” will be removed from Augusta National at the Masters, according to a report from Bryce Ritchie of Bunkered Online.

Ritchie reports that security staff at the renowned golf course has been handed a list of sayings that are prohibited and anyone who shouts them will be “removed” immediately.

“Dilly Dilly” has gained a ton of popularity as a “cheers” type saying because of the many Bud Light commercials that ran during the past football season. Videos have also surfaced of fans yelling it at golf tournaments after players tee off.

Last month, Rory McIlroy complained that loud and abusive behavior was becoming a problem at PGA Tour tournaments. He cited an instance in which someone ept yelling his wife’s name. McIllroy suggested limiting alcohol sales on the course.

Whoever came up with that phrase deserves a lifetime achievement award. Dilly Dilly!