What will happen first: Pete Rose becomes eligible for the MLB HoF … or Pete Rose dies? Oddsmakers at MyBookie say the latter (see last betting line below for specifics).

If you’re like me, you miss Baseball and could use a little pick-me-up (and some New York-centric betting lines).

MyBookie, senior oddsmaker David Strauss commented:

The 2019 MLB Hall of Fame Ballot is out and analysts at sports betting site, MyBookie have run the numbers and studied recent voting trends. 

Some of the more noteworthy odds appear below. Smart money seems to be on Mariano Rivera and Edgar Martinez

  • Yankees’ widely loved Mariano Rivera is a favorite to inducted.
  • Toronto’s Roy Halliday is even odds
  • Seattle’s Edgar Martinez is also favored
  • New York’s Mike Mussina may have to wait another year
  • Also, oddsmakers give Pete Rose a snowball’s chance (5/1) to ever be Hall of Fame eligible

To view all of the lines, please click here: https://mybookie.ag/sportsbook/mlb/specials/

Will Mariano Rivera be inducted in the 2019 HOF

Yes: 1/4 (-400)

No: 5/2 (+250)

Will Roy Halliday be inducted in the 2019 HOF

Yes: 5/6 (-120)

No: 5/6 (-120)

Will Edgar Martinez be inducted in the 2019 HOF

Yes: 1/2 (-200)

No: 6/4 (+150)

Will Mike Mussina be inducted in the 2019 HOF

Yes: 5/2 (+250)

No: 1/4 (-400)

Will Pete Rose be eligible for the Hall of Fame before 2020?

Yes: 12/1 (+1200)

No: 1/50 (-5000)

What will happen first?

Pete Rose HOF eligible: 5/1 (+500)

Pete Rose dies: 1/8 (-800)

I have my money on Pete Rose dying. 


Not sorry. 

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