Donovan Farrell, who turned 12 on Friday, caught Machado’s two-run home run in the first inning of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Game 2 against the Atlanta Braves in the National League Division Series.

But the congratulations didn’t end there. Donovan met with Machado after the game, and the star shortstop signed the ball.

Donovan said he had never caught a home run ball before, even though his family has season tickets, but that he remembered his little league training.

“I was just thinking like little league, like we’ve practiced fly balls so many times, like I should catch it by now. I just caught it, and it was amazing,” he said.

The Dodgers gave Donovan another gift by beating the Braves 3-0 to take a 2-0 lead in the NLDS.

He said it was “by far” his best birthday.

That’s how you celebrate your birthday. Unfortunately for him he may never have that great of a birthday ever again.