Logan Paul, who has made a name for himself on YouTube, says he wants to fight in the UFC.  When asked who he wants to fight, he called out CM Punk.  His brother Jake, on the other hand, threw out Conor McGregor’s name.

Via Extra Mustard

“I want to fight a UFC fighter. I want to get in the octagon,” Paul said. “Yeah, bro, I wrestled my whole life. Bro, there’s no reason I can’t. I literally did athletics my whole life.

“Dana White, you watching this, bro? Pick a fighter for me, dude. Late next year.”

Asked to name a specific opponent, Paul throws out CM Punk, while his brother Jake mentions Conor McGregor.

Paul wouldn’t have any problems finding someone willing to fight him or plenty of people who would love to watch him get his ass kicked.  I highly doubt the UFC would go for it, but one of the lower end MMA organizations would absolutely go for it.